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Ruth Negga Joins Cast Of “12 Years A Slave;” Adepero Oduye (“Pariah”) Confirmed As Well

Ruth Negga Joins Cast Of "12 Years A Slave;" Adepero Oduye ("Pariah") Confirmed As Well

Ethiopian-Irish actress Ruth Negga (last seen as vixen alongside Samuel L. Jackson in The Samaritan, released last week) joins a now officially confirmed Adepero Oduye (Pariah), as well as newly-cast Paul Dano and Scoot McNairy, to the cast list of Steve McQueen’s slave narrative on film, Twelve Years A Slave

Based on Solomon Northrup’s non-fictioner, who will be played by star Chiwetel Ejiofor, a once free man, kidnapped and sold into slavery on a Louisiana plantation, in 19th century USA.

Brad Pitt’s Plan B is producing the film, which co-stars Pitt himself, as well as Michael Fassbender, both cast early.

No word on what character Adepero will play, but Ruth Negga (gradually making her way Stateside) will play a runaway slave, and McNairy will play one of the circus workers who assists in Northup’s kidnapping.

Production is scheduled to begin at the end of June.

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Gee Bee

Here we go again….when Hollywood needs a beautiful black actress to play a lead role, they are sure to cast an actress who is either half white, or looks half white. Hollywood seems allergic to dark brown beauties playing lead roles. I'm sick of it.


Interesting, Brad Pitt's involvement and casting. I probably said this in another post, but when reading an old novel about slavery in the south, a fictional work known as "Mandingo" and the works that followed thereafter, I always cast the character of "Hammond Maxwell" as Brad Pitt…before I finally viewed the movie, of course. Tried reading the novel, "Twelve Years…" recently. Couldn't get through it…grew bored with it. Would rather be fed its tale via big screen or small. Something about the writing just rubbed me wrong… But I digress. Interesting casting thus far in this feature. I look forward to seeing the work.


@Adepero Oduye last time i checked , she was African


I wonder if McQueen is introducing Brits and Irish to the production because he's more familiar with their work?


So … are there any actual AFRO AMERICANS in this film? You know , from the same ethnic group as Solomon Northup?




Sounds promising. Thanks Tambay.

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