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S&A “Scandal” Talk-Back Session #2 (2 More Episodes Until Season Ends & Still Lots Of Questions)

S&A "Scandal" Talk-Back Session #2 (2 More Episodes Until Season Ends & Still Lots Of Questions)

Alright, as promised, session 2 of the weekly S&A Scandal Talkback, now that episode 5 has aired (last night), and I’m sure most of you have seen it. I watched it this morning.

If you haven’t seen that episode yet, then you may NOT want to any of this.

So… Amanda Tanner’s dead. She was kidnapped in episode 4 as we all know, but I certainly didn’t expect that she’d be killed; so that was a bit of a surprise to me. 

Oh, and by the way, she was also pregnant with what we thought was Prez Fitz’s child, but it appears that it’s actually NOT his child as is revealed in the end.

And he receives a blackmail letter (which Cyrus tells him about), but no one knows who the sender is.

So the question is: who’s the third party in all this that we don’t yet know about? Whose face have we yet to see? The mysterious caller at the other end of Amanda Tanner’s phone line? The person responsible for her kidnapping and, now, death? Who’s “Charlie” the dude Huck tortures for answers on Amanda Tanner’s body’s whereabouts?

Questions… questions… questions… who’s got answers?

I think Prez Fitz’s wife has dropped the occasional hint that leads me to believe she’s not as innocent as she might seem; and she continues to do just that in episode 5; recall the scene in which she tells Fitz something like “there’s no one in this building [the White House] who won’t go to extremes for you.” And then the camera lingers on her face a few extra seconds, as she cracks a smile that looks like it’s hiding all kinds of pain. I think she knows about Fitz’s affairs (including his relationship with Olivia Pope, and probably Amanda Tanner). Is she in anyway the mastermind behind some of these occurences?

This episode also introduced us to Vice President Sally Langston. Why now, with 2 episodes left? Fitz needs her support on the passage of the Dream Act (she holds the deciding vote) as we learned in episode 5 last night. What other role might she play in any of the show’s developments? 

And how about the ending, with Fitz showing up at Olivia’s apartment. What could possibly happen next? I hope she doesn’t go you know where, and preferably makes sure he does not get into that apartment. 

As noted in a post yesterday… in next week’s episode, we’ll learn about how Olivia’s relationship with the Prez was started, how her team was assembled, and the contentious primary race between Fitz and Sally Langston, who’s now vice president, in an episode that will contain mostly flashbacks. 

So I expect that next episode, next week, will likely fill in some holes for us before the season finale the following week, which I’m sure will be explosive, ending with a shocker of some kind. What that shocker will be, I don’t know. But I’m sure it’ll leave us anxious for the next season.

That season finale episode’s synopsis reads: 

When Quinn finds herself in a fix that’s both tragic and compromising, Olivia and the team rush to help. Meanwhile, Cyrus turns reluctantly to Olivia when Billy Chambers makes an announcement that shakes Fitz’s presidency to its core.

What could this tragic and compromising fix be that Quinn finds herself in? In her last scene in episode 5, she’s at Gideon’s doorstep, weeping, and he embraces her. I’m guessing the predicament she finds herself in will be a continuation of that night, and may involve Gideon. 

And what could this core-shattering announcement from Billy Chambers be? Maybe he breaks his silence and reveals all he suspects of the Prez’s affair with Olivia? Or could it be something else that’s connected to the aforementioned mysterious hand?

Finally, let’s hope that some time between now and the end of the season, ABC will renew the series for a second season.

I should note that The Hollywood Reporter says last night’s episode saw a “small bump” in ratings, calling it “the most consistent midseason drama for ABC,” averaging 2.1 rating with adults 18-49, and 7.4 million viewers.

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I agree with Misha. This show has a lot of flaws, but it is still worth watching. Shonda really had a good concept, but she really ruined it with the terrible dialogue and often times outlandish storylines.


Oh and I forgot to add that I'm loving Jeff Perry (Cyrus) on this show. He (and Cyrus' relationship with the president) provides sufficent reason to continue watching, despite the show's flaws.


Ok, I've watched every episode of this show thus far and I'll continue to watch as long as it's on air. But I must say that there are more than a few things that annoy me about this show, most notably, the cheesy dialogue, painfully melodramatic tone/stories, blatant moralizing, and yes, Kerry Washington's acting. Now, before I say any more, let me add that I WANT to like Kerry in this role and I thought I would based on the promos. But my goodness, is she hamming it up! Specifically, her facial expressions are killing me softly….they are way too over the top. She's still trying too hard to convince us that she is Olivia Pope and as a result, her performance doesn't feel authentic to this viewer. I gotta agree with SLB. I think Angela Bassett would have killed a role like this or if a younger actress was a must then I would have went with someone like Sanaa Lathan or Nia Long, both of whom have the gravitas/screen presence to pull off a character like Olivia Pope while making her likable/vulnerable, I think. Alas, Washington is whom we have and I do like her chemistry with Tony Goldwyn so as I said, I'll continue to watch, nonetheless.


kidchaos' earlier comment, which shows what it all comes down to for him:

"how many bets she starts sleeping with the white guys instead of the one black dude?"

I said SO THE FUCK WHAT then and will say it again now. lol!! There are way too many shows and films with all types of wm/bw hookups, for you to just be worried about this one. This show is not a novelty in that area. Heck, take a look at Kerry's IMDB and it's not bw putting her in those roles. It's wm.

Believe that. Even if this show gets pulled, we'll be having Americana where a high power fashion designer (Anthony LaPaglia) has a black supermodel wife(Christine Adams). And so on and so forth. kidchaos this tv trend is not ending anytime soon, it started in the 80s, so better save up your Kleenex. Sorry it's not happening as much the other way around. Maybe that's why you're angry?

B Nicole

I'm loving the show so far. I expected Amanda to be dead but I'm definitely wondering who the daddy is. I think the VP is the blackmailer so that she'll assume the presidency after forcing him to resign.

Kid chaos

Cant buy that a white man running to be pres would mess with a black woman.I can buy a black man messing up his career for a white woman.


@KID CHAOS…also, I am in NO WAY assigning value to WMs ( I am not the one). I'm simply stating the reality… that you don't know shit.


@KID CHAOS… your contributions are worthless. It's actually laughable how wrong you are. I can tell you from personal experience back in my interning days (size 4-8 Black women in suits and high heels in D.C…. please… you were always getting approached/propositioned) or you could simply look at all the powerful Black women in D.C. married to White men that they met in college (mostly overseas) and also while working the D.C. rounds. You are so clueless you are embarrassing yourself. I can name, off the top of my head, like 10 D.C. officials, journalists and insiders (but won't call them out) who fall under the category you claim to not exist (crapola), the question is… can you? They are some of the highest ranking political insiders in the WORLD (male or female)… again, can you name them? You're clueless and most were there BEFORE Obama, CHAOS. Please stop…your ignorance is offensive. What you're not getting is the mindset… there is a sense that in Federal politics, the rules, especially the social rules, that apply to everyone in the country (right or wrong) do not apply to you in your D.C. "privilege" hence their always getting into trouble in D.C…. pedigree, educational background and charisma is more important …..forget it. You're just sooo wrong and seem to want people to infer that Black women have no value with the dismissive tone of your statement as well. Good luck being ignorant dude…


This show has been able to, surprisingly, hold my attention for 5 episodes. I'm still not sold on Kerry for this role. I do think her acting is good in this. I just feel that considering she's younger than me, that she's too young to play this woman who has ALL these connections in DC and knows everyone. I would have preferred someone older, or at least looks older. First person comes to mind is Angela Bassett. She would have been perfect. But that's neither here nor there.

I too was not expecting Amanda to end up dead. I figured if they were going to play that card, they would have shown her being killed last episode. I think they're too obvious playing up the FLOTUS' role in this. IMO, they should be a little more subtle. But my theory is she's responsible for Amanda being killed. Come to think of it, she may be the one Amanda was talking to on the phone. She found out about the affair and offered Amanda a large sum of money to go through this charade but had Amanda killed when she got cold feet. However, I think someone else is responsible for blackmailing the President.

I do find fault with this show. Which is easy when dealing with contrived Shonda Rhimes' melodramas. But the gripe that's been with me since the premiere is that apparently the same company responsible for performing background checks at CTU is responsible for security at Olivia Pope & Associates. Please tell me how every week someone just walks in to the office without being stopped, questioned, or approved? Everytime one of the characters looks up, there's someone unexpected in the office. Olivia can't afford a receptionist?

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