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Sacha Baron Cohen & Kurt Russell Drop Out of “Django Unchained”

Sacha Baron Cohen & Kurt Russell Drop Out of "Django Unchained"

Hmm, this is interesting…

So to add to the casting troubles of Django Unchained, it looks like Sacha Baron Cohen and Kurt Russell are the new actors to drop out of Quentin Tarantino‘s slavery spaghetti western.

The movie has gone through several actors set to appear including Kevin Coster and Joseph Gorden-Levitt.

Sacha Baron Cohen was slated to play Broomhilda’s reluctant owner Scotty; Kurt Russell was Costner’s replacement of Ace Woody, the right hand man of Calvin Candle (Leonardo DiCaprio), the brutal plantation owner.

Cohen told Howard Stern in an interview because he couldn’t commit to Django due to his filming schedule for The Dictator; as far as Kurt Russell’s role, web rumors abound that his reason for quitting was that Django wasn’t turning out to be “western” enough.

Cohen and Russell’s roles are relatively substantial; it’s not looking good for the film’s production schedule. I wonder what’s really behind this brouhaha.

As you should know by now, the movie is already shooting and in full swing; we last posted some set pictures last month of Jamie Foxx as the titular Django, as well as Christoph Waltz as Dr King Schultz.

Needless to say, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Unchained. I wonder what this is really going to affect the final production and release date. I can’t say I’m disheartened by the news. I’m not particularly fond of this film’s conception. :)

Anyways, no word as of yet of the roles’ replacements.

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More like those actors know a sinking ship when they see one..


This movie was trash when it was called Mandingo (de Laurentis, 1975) and it is still trash as Django Unchained.


The talent is in the choices…kerry washington will realize afterwards this wasn't the best choice


most of Sacha Baron Cohen's moves up til this point in his career have courted controversy of some sort, so i don't believe he's afraid of that. Russell im not so sure.


I'm not particularly fond of little smiley faces that punctuate the end of a news report. These actors are cowards.


The actors are not ready for the firestorm of controversy this will cause so they are pulling out now.

Adam Scott Thompson

This won't affect the eventual outcome, whatever that is. Tarantino's movies always create massive buzz — even if the box office receipts don't always back that up (see "Grindhouse"). If it's even half as entertaining as the "Kill Bill" movies or "Inglorious Basterds," you can put me down for admission.

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