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Season 3 Of “Luther” Will Intro His Moriarty, As Luther Reaches Retirement; But Don’t Expect Until 2013; Also Less Alice

Season 3 Of "Luther" Will Intro His Moriarty, As Luther Reaches Retirement; But Don't Expect Until 2013; Also Less Alice

A good interview with Idris Elba speaking primarily about the past and future of his hit BBC crime series Luther… and more.

Posted today, Daniel Montgomery of held a video chat with Elba in Atlanta, where he’s currently shooting the thriller No Good Deed with Taraji P. Henson.

In the 15-minute interview, Elba reveals a few things that I think you’ll appreciate knowing.

We already know very well that his long-term goal for the series is to take Luther to the theater, the big screen, where he believes the ultimate Luther story will unfold. He reiterates that in the below interview; no big surprise there.

So a Luther feature film is in his future, assuming all that’s necessary to make that happen, comes together. 

Elba adds that the upcoming season 3 of the series, the end of it specifically (which will likely be the last of the series on TV), will essentially serve as a lead-in to the feature film; so I anticipate some kind of major season 3 cliffhanger finale, which will entice audiences to see what’s on the other side of that cliffhanger when the film is eventually produced and released.

And as for what we can expect in season 3, Elba says, first, the the scripts for the new season are close to being completely done, and they’re currently searching for directors; second, expect 2 or 3 new characters to be introduced, although he won’t say more, other than one of the new characters, a baddie most likely, will be a real huge challenge for Luther (he kind of dismisses the previous Luther baddies as blips, suggesting that this new baddie, to be introduced in season 3, will be his most formidable to date; we can only wonder what this character’s make-up will be – Luther’s Professor Moriarty, likely just as mental, except he/she will use his/her *powers* for evil); third, don’t expect the Alice storyline to return in any sort of significant way (he says she’ll still be in the Luther universe, but suggests she won’t be of much influence on anything or anyone; he reiterated that they’re trying to set things up for the “bigger picture” and there’s a possibility that Alice’s story strands come back if/when the feature film is made; but don’t expect to see much of her in season 3); fourth, while he couldn’t give a date as to when season 3 will debut, he said that they aim to produce all the episodes this year, so that the series is back on TV as soon as possible (based on Idris’ schedule for the rest of 2012, I won’t expect season 3 of Luther until some time in 2013; he’s shooting No Good Deed in Atlanta right now; and once that’s done, he heads to South Africa for the summer to shoot his dream project – the Nelson Mandela biopic with Naomie Harris; and after that, according to Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, Thor 2 starts shooting in London in August, which Idris will return for, as Heimdall; it’s not known how significant his role in the sequel will be, and how long he’ll be needed on set, but I’ll say that, based on all this info, I’d be surprised if he shoots Luther season 3 this year; if it happens, it’ll have to be in fall, around October through December, and into the winter; although I’d assume he’d like to take a break after 5 back-to-back shoots. All that to say, Luther season 3 will definitely be a longer wait).

An interesting item he adds is that, going into season 3, Luther will be closer to retirement than he’s ever been – a storyline that could bleed into the feature film’s narrative; I can see it; Luther’s last case – a case for the ages – before he hangs up the hat; or maybe it’s the challenge of the case, and the baddie in season 3 that push him over the edge, and essentially force him into retirement.

We’ll see… what we can be sure of, as he notes, are “more really bad characters, more dark TV.

Watch the full 15-minute interview below, which includes discussion on international awareness of him as an actor, affecting the opportunities available to him, and more:

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Will the feature film be shown here in the USA? I am watching reruns of the pass two seasons on BBCAmerica. Loved the show the first time, I don't usually watch reruns, but this show is just that good! Am disappointed that Alice won't have such a big part in Season 3, love the actress Ruth Wilson, and the character is scary but wonderful in her loyalty and what empathy she does have for Luther. The British just blows American TV out of the water, especially the cop shows, can't wait to see the next season.


No Alice, no watch. The second series was a complete wreck compared to the mastery of the first.

Robbie Green

Cheers to Idris Elba and the BBC network for this brilliant series !!!! It's a pity over here in the US more folks don't know about it. This by far is the best show I have seen in many years…….I can't wait to see season 3 !!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmm, I wonder what intriguing twisted plots have been developed ?! " LUTHER " may be imitated by others, but this show will never be duplicated !


Oooooooh! Can't wait for the new season!! Luther is so bad ass…Alice's character was soooooooo dope as well, so hopefully she's in the movie if it does in fact get made!

Anna Colquhoun

A good watch! Nice interview… Looking forward to the next Luther!!! :0)


I heard or read that Alice is getting her own series, so that could explain her disappearance on Luther. Perhaps Luther can visit her?


Like many others, i am pissed Alice won't have a bigger role. The tensions between her and Luther were captivating. The close up shots of Ruth Wilson and the way "Luther" looked at her with pity, fear and rage at the same time is what hooked me on this show.

Reginald Williams

Discovered the show and watched Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix in one week. The Alice storyline gives the show resonance, humor, and tension. Without her, I won't watch. Back to 55 Degrees North or Prime Suspect reruns. But I appreciate his interview. He's a fine actor.


I love Luther BUT I ADORE ALICE. She absolutely must return. Not to have her around is a bad idea. She's awesome and the interplay between the two characters is fascinating.


The Alice story was left hanging. We never found out why she whacked her parents and the dog. We know she is capable of compassi0n and loyalty — and maybe has a sense of right and wrong. That would have been such a great story to unfold in three seasons.
I live in America — could we bring her here for Dexter?

Steve Page

I am devastated that Alice will have a much smaller presence during S3. Ruth Wilson was integral to the success of Luther and believe this decision may have a lasting and negative effect on the show….:-/


the sound on the interview is annoying. Elba is on the right speaker and the interviewer is on the left? Wonky.


I think the evolution of the Alice character is brilliant, I think that the fact that she is becoming a specter that will haunt creates an impact in season 3 that lets her be more then what would be expected, which is so much better, the plotline be thick and Alice every now and then be the knife that cuts through the crust


I agree with others about being disappointed regarding Alice. Alice is as central to the show "Luther" as Luther himself. The actress who plays her acts up a storm, and sometimes upstaging Elba. Less Alice means a fairly boring season. If it's the last Luther will need some type of closure with Alice to satisfy the fans who've followed the show since season one.


So happy there's going to be a third season. Not happy its the last one though :(
Would love to see Alice again but just happy Luther will be returning. Not looking forward to reading what the critics have to say. Think they would be happier with a more blue eyed lead.

Jasmine Cooper

Less Alice?!?!

… Heaven help me.

Josh Hothi

So excited for season 3, it's been long wait since season 2 finished so well, but 2013? Why? Why? Why? that is wayt too long!

Dankwa Brooks

Kinda disappointed less Alice in Season 3, but I've said online many times THERE IS NO FEATURE FILM WITHOUT ALICE. There just isn't! I don't want them to exhaust any future storyline possibilities on TV so I'm fine with the less Alice.

Lastly I always thought Alice was Luther's Moriorty, but I guess she turned into his twisted Watson. LOL

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