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Second End Credits Scene Will Be Shown With ‘The Avengers’ Starting This Weekend

Second End Credits Scene Will Be Shown With 'The Avengers' Starting This Weekend

It looks like we finally found out what Joss Whedon and the gang were up when it was revealed a few weeks ago, shortly after “The Avengers” Hollywood premiere, that the cast was quickly reconvening to shoot an extra scene for the movie. While the film has already rolled out internationally, earning megabucks and has even played to fans here with an extra credits sequence, it looks like a second one has been added. A nice way to double dip on those fanboy bucks from those who managed to see it early.

Confirmation comes from a couple of places, with SuperHeroHype forums revealing the details of the extra scene, while Unleash The Fanboy has a screen capture of what unfolds which you can click on over there to check out (lest we incur the wrath of Marvel). As for what the scene contains? Well, you can head over to those sites if you really want it spoiled, but we figure it’s probably best to experience it fresh when you’re in the theater, which many of you will be (and should be) this weekend. And it appears this will be for North American audiences only, so screw you, rest of the world!

As you already know “The Avengers” opens on Friday. And yeah, keep your butt in the seat until the very, very end.

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The Avengers was an awesome movie…..u need to see it in theater……big screen and sound was really great!!

Deth Garcia

waiting for DVD/BLURAY release


How unbelievably epic arrogant yankie bullish$t. Screw you idiot! Just fyi – The rest of the world still got to see it before you pricks!!!!


Just fyi, the "screw you" was meant to be tongue in cheek.

danny wood

"Screw you rest of the world?" Typical Yank behaviour there. What a dick move on your part my oversea's buddy. This movie rocks, and the 1st post credit scene is the best, Thanos rules.


They eat shawarmas!


Screw you rest of the world? Go f*ck yourself prick.

Thanos is epic!


What a dick move! -Ireland


That's a big nothing scene. Our friends abroad missed nothing.

Mr Menfolk

I've seen in three times fuck you North America


OK…so screw the rest of the world…srew you as**hole…THANOS IS IN THE FIRST END CREDIT


Having seen the movie outside the US, I didn't get this scene. I couldn't resist to click.
Nothing to spoil really, just a really sweet moment/funny joke.

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