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SHOCKER! Tia Mowry And Pooch Hall To Leave “The Game”

SHOCKER! Tia Mowry And Pooch Hall To Leave "The Game"

That is, this will be shocking news to those of you out there who are devoted viewers of the BET show The Game.

Last night, Tia Mowry tweeted to her followers that she would not be coming back to the show for its sixth season next year.

As she tweeted: “Just wanted to let all my fans know that I will not be retruning to The Game for Season 6. It was an incredible run and I had lots of fun.”

It’s also being reported that co-star Pooch Hall (that CAN’T be his real name) will also not be returning to the show as well, although there has been no official confirmation by him or the network yet. However, Hall has now been cast as a regular on the new Showtime series Ray Donovan, which makes his involvement in the next season of The Game unlikely.

No reason was given why Mowry and Hall have left the show, though there are reports that they both left after a salary despute with BET.

Reportedly all the cast members took huge pay cuts when the show moved to the network, on the promise that they would get salary increases if the show was a hit for the network.

The show was, of course, and when Mowry and Hall tried to renegotiate their contacts with BET, the network reneged on those promised salary increases.

When Mowry and Hall made one last final salary offer, not only did BET refuse the offer, they, in fact, fired both Mowry and Hall.

Surely, more of what happened will be coming shortly.

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Sounds like bet made a promise they did not want to keep. They should have all stuck together like the cast from FRIENDS and got their monies worth. I say good for pooch and tia.


ITS OFFICIAL I AM NOT WATCHING!! I was pissed after Kelly left, I recovered. I was pissed after they changed Brit brat, I recovered. I was lost through the weak plot writing between Mel and Tosha. At this point why not just rename the show as a spin-off and make it a new watchable show


I think the show will lose the little class it had by getting rid of Tia, unfortunately I'm with the rest and will not invest in BET if Tia isn't on it.


I think it's f up how they decided to leave we viewers work hard to get this show back onTv. If the wanted to leave they should never came back. At the end it's all about money so fuck them both


the show is going to suck with out thm so i am nt watching it derwin is sooo fine


Melanie and Derwin are the only reason I watch the game. I will not be tuning in.


that is so true that since BET took over it turned from a nice n funny show to straight GHETTO! I didnt even bother adding BET to my Cable line up cause it would have been a waste to watch!!!!!!!! SMH

Tremell Walker

Thats whats wrong with black people and black companies, we're always trying to get over. I signed the first petition for the show to come back on air and I had alot of people with me. If Tia and Pooch are not back on the next season, I will not watch THE GAME anymore and any of the other lame @#$ shows that they air. I WILL NOT SUPPORT BET AT ALL!!!! And I will take all my people with me. BET GET IT TOGETHER. I will signed the petition.


Oh and who ever thought that brady role is cute needs to slap them selfs that role really sucks ijs


I agree poorly done its a shame


I LOVED The Game when it was on the CW. Fantastic writing, acting…it was a great show, and I was so glad when it came back. When it's 1st epi on BET aired to (7 mil?) viewers, I was so proud of the show's cast and staff for their accomplishment. However, since coming to BET, the show has been ruined. The writing has been horrible…it's basically a minstrel show now. I couldn't stomach it anymore, so I'd stopped watching the show before this announcement. I'm glad Pooch and Tia have other projects to work on, and I wish them the best. I hope the other cast members get better opportunities, as well, because they're talented and deserve better material than this. This was the only show I watched on BET, so they've lost a viewer…I'm sure there are many more like me.


Stupid ass bet you always fuckin up something..ya'll suck..

Adam Scott Thompson

The show's just a glorified chitlin play now anyway.


people have written here that its a shame when your own dont want to pay you? ahhh folks we dont own BET anymore they sold it remember? and you know to whom. this is what happened to Essence magazine a so called Black magazine that sold itself to others for Green


BET has made the biggest mistake for this show. The fans of this show has done way too much trying to get this show back for the 4th season and now in the 5th season we are putting up with the crappy writing in hopes that it will get better. Now you want to get rid of the shows most valuable characters all because BET does not want to pay! First of all this is not Pooch Hall's and definitely not Tia Mowry's first acting gig! You could treat an actor/actress who has never been on a national tv show this way if they came and ask for more money!!! These people have brought a fan base to BET that no other show was getting! Honestly if this show was not on BET I would even be watching shit else on BET! BET is always talking about BLACK STAR POWER, if you care so much about BLACK STAR POWER, you are going to have to start paying our people the kind of money they deserve because the predominately white networks damn sure don't have a problem paying their people! The actors who were on the show FRIENDS were getting paid millions of dollars!!!!!! I'm sure Tia and Pooch were not asking for anything BET could not pay! Just know you have lost a viewer BET and I won't be supporting anything on this network anymore if you can't support our people like you claim to do.


I am disappointed for Tia & Pooch; they were my favs; I noticed weeks prior to this announcement; that changes in the characters were crappie and something short of an earth shattering was about to take place.


Hey – lets keep it real. The Game has not been the same since BET took over. It is not as funny and its too ghetto. The part of Chardenay come on, embrassing. I am glad Tia is leaving, she deserves better and so does Pooch. I will no longer watch the show. They deserve to be paid for a job well done. Its so sad that our own refuse to pay "our own". How selfish.
They should have had kelly on as well. The chemistry use to be "right on". Now its too many holes. Not as funny


BET not paying?! Wow, there's a surprise. Maybe someone should have told Tia and Pooch about comedian D.L. Hughley's experience at the network: "I used to work for BET but they pay 'weekly'….very weakly."


Sergio I know u use imdb and wiki. Pooch's govt is Marion.

__"When Mowry and Hall made one last final salary offer, not only did BET refuse the offer, they, in fact, fired both Mowry and Hall. " __…. I heard about the salary dispute but not that BET fired them. U sure about that Sergio? I thought no contracts were agreed to tia/pooch walked.

bet= black exploitation tv.
i havent watched this season but from reading the blogs is it bullish, full of sterotypes on neck snapping, big eyes, & other ratched behaviour.

Tia already has her reality show 'tia tamera' and now she gets to stay in Atl in the fall.
Pooch has 'Ray Donovan' on Showtime.

Marcus Channing

EBT (embarrassing black television) shouldnt of took this show because they turned it into a G-Rated ghetto soap opera. When EBT began to show the new episodes I lost interest in watching the show. EBT should just cancel the 6th season of The Game because the EBT Tasha Mack and Malik can't hold the show on their own. EBT needs to cancell all of their TV shows because they are awful

Aaron Day

Same network that gave their $100k directing prize to a film by a white guy.

Niesha relford

Have they lost there minds no need for a six season the fans are done. It was one of my favorite sitcoms . That the main characters come on BET yall over


maybe Pooch and Tia can take a shot on the remake of space 1999 ( aka space 2099) being done by jace hall. exec/producer of V. ( sad to see it go too).


Losing their most important players in their most important show because they want to renege on promises for more pay? Yeah. Sounds like BET to me.


i wudnt b watching dis show again seeing my man POOCH not in it. dis show serves no purpose to me at all again


I still have episodes upon episodes of this once-quality show, but I have to say that I hated the characters of Derwin and Melanie long before the move to BET and before the character-assassinations committed upon Tasha, Jason, Kelly and Malik (all four courtesy of the move & the decision to turn the show into a melodrama). Derwin has always been a self-righteous hypocrite (Drew Sidora. Nuff Said.) and Melanie quickly went from a character you'd root for in season one, to whiny and self-centered in later CW seasons, to full-on scheming bitch on BET. If I ever tune back in, I can't say that I'd miss either character; it's not like I'm missing the show much anyway. I miss the days of Tasha, Malik, and Jason being fun jerks instead of pathetic stereotypes. RIP The Game 2006-2009.


BET is really stupid here Tia and Pooch are the stars of the Game and if they are gone then I will NEVER watch the show again. Sorry but Brandy isn't going to cut it she can't save the show. The reason fans love the Game is because of the chemistry of the core cast members. The Game made BET a sensation and getting huge numbers for a cable network which means BET was making money. I can't believe BET would not pay Tia a decent salary.


It's gotten almost unwatchable…they should just go ahead and kill it 'cause it's a meandering mess at this point.


Fired? I'm having problems believing that terminology. Tia probably has better things to do than deal with the whack storylines on this show, and she's making easy money on the Style Network. The show's been going downhill since shortly after its revamp on BET. I watched about half of the eps last season, and snippets of some eps this season–I couldn't stomach the nonsense.
She has a big following, and I'm sure Shonda Rimes can shoehorn her into something…


BET has no respect for talent they treated AJ and Free badly after they had brought the Net work out of the Dark ages

Not surprised. At this but wish there were more quality shows to choose from

Let's stay together couldn't survive on any other net work with that cheesy sitcom writing


HBO has like maybe 7-10 quality original series at a time…and they did that over like 2 decades with smart writing and gradually building that brand. BET should follow that model and grow original series more gradually. Granted they acquired this one after it was already popular – they should have chopped off the even cheesier "Let's Stay Together" and focused on making this show work (i.e. paying for quality writers and actors) so they could build a better original series lineup moving forward.


I am not even surprised….I am surprised that there's going to be a 6th season. I used to be quite a stan for this show but since it went over to BET it got all melodramatic and redundant. Anywho, I say BET should just wrap it all up this season. And ya his real first name Marion.


That's terrible news…if they leave, which it seems is inevitable, won't the series just die off? :/ Sad to 'see' them go. Bye bye The Game


POOCH & MOWRY!? What is that — a new 40oz malt liquor designed to befuddle the minds of black american? Really — seriously — who imbibes this propaganda known as The Game? Now — although I don't do this very often but — I am agreeing with Melissa, something gotta change.


Not surprised. Pooch Hall's real first name is Marion. Draw your own conclusions.


I have no interest and have never watched an episode of THE GAME, but I don't know where else to post this comment:
Can we please get someone to focus more attention on Black actresses' television and movie gigs? I'm not to trying to play the sexism card but, I notice a slight imbalance in coverage(even on white blogs admittedly, white actresses get less shine than the males. But this is magnified on the black blogs I think.)
I have not seen Yaya Dacosta's new movie 'Whole Lotta Sole' promoted on here (opposite Brendan Fraser), nor have I seen Toks Olagundoye's new role on ABC's 'The Neighbors' where is a female lead.
So you're asking who Toks Olagundoye is? Well.. ShadowAndAct, these are the people we should know and rally behind! The beautiful female unknowns! Not just the light ones either!


So now we're left with an walking angry black woman stereotype, a drugged-up hard-on-his-luck athlete, and a self-hating black man "now learning to love black women." Great job BET.

Jayson Jay

They were the show. BET makes it hard to be in their corner.

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