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So, Gary Oldman Is Going To Play A Taxidermist With Anger Issues Now

So, Gary Oldman Is Going To Play A Taxidermist With Anger Issues Now

From George Smiley to James Gordon to….Wiggy the angry taxidermist? You can’t say that Gary Oldman doesn’t continue to surprise…

The actor is teaming up with Malcolm McDowell, Dominic “Matthew Fox Beats Women” Monaghan and Joanne Whalley for “Monster Butler,” which either sounds like a delightful kids’ movie, a weird sequel to “Monster’s Ball” or a deranged genre flick. Guess which one it is? Well, if you picked the latter, you win, because according to THR the movie will tell “the true story of Roy Fontaine (aka Archibald Hall),a bisexual jewel thief/con man/serial killer who chronicles his personal descent into darkness leading up to his eventual capture.”

McDowell is in the lead role, with his character teaming up with Wiggy to commit a variety of crimes. Meanwhile, Monaghan will play Fontaine’s Achilles’ heel, David Wright. Genre shingle Dark House are producing the pic which will be released by Warner Bros. The movie will roll in front of cameras in Scotland in June, with Doug Rath making his feature debut. But considering it’s an expansion of his short film, he’s really best guy for the gig.

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Dealing with Chris Roe will do that to a career. Just ask Malcolm McDowell.


Why doesn´t he get better offers ???? It will be a mistery for me ,I can´t belive he only takes the bad ones and leaves out the good ones …so looks like Hollywood has no better offers for one of the best actors ,except a few rare opportunities like Smiley and Gordon .I tought the Oscar nom changed something but sadly …..

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