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So, This Is What Lindsay Lohan Looks Like As Elizabeth Taylor; Grant Bowler To Play Richard Burton

So, This Is What Lindsay Lohan Looks Like As Elizabeth Taylor; Grant Bowler To Play Richard Burton

Update: Oops, the previous image we had was from an old photo shoot. But here’s a pic from The Daily Mail from the costume sessions, to give you some idea of what LiLo will be looking like.

Okay, let’s take a break from all the Cannes Film Festival stuff for a moment and get to the stuff people watch everyday — from high falutin’ cinephiles to people who don’t know their Darren Aronofsky from their Walton Goggins — trashy TV. And there is none more trashy these days than Lifetime, who every few weeks have a new ripped-from-the-tabloid-headline or issues-driven drama movie cranked out. The only reason anyone cares about their latest “Liz & Dick” is because they managed to employ the unemployable Lindsay Lohan in the lead role as icon Elizabeth Taylor. And now things are really beginning to roll.

The Daily Mail has some wardrobe fittings which are kind of boring, which you can click over there to look at, while Lohan herself has updated her Twitter profile pic with the above image, showing her, as Zap2It points out, as Taylor circa “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.” And sure it works we suppose, but also, anyone in a white top and brunette hair could probably achieve the same effect. But really, it will be capturing the dichotomous blend of vulnerability and strength Taylor had that will determine if this thing works at all. But hey, she’s at least showing up to set, so far so good, right? And with cameras getting read to roll in ten days, Lifetime has found somebody who is available to take the co-lead. Deadline reports that Grant Bowler, a “hey it’s that guy” face, will play Richard Burton and star opposite Lohan as they portray one of the greatest doomed celeb romances of our time. Hooray.

Claiming it was chemistry that landed Bowler the part and not a quickly approaching deadline, everyone seems happy with the choice. The film, penned by Christopher Monger (HBO‘s Emmy-award winning “Temple Grandin“) is lensing soon and will be directed by…somebody. Seems they haven’t figured that out yet.

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i cant believe she's the best they could come up with for that role…….shes no Liz T in the slightest..

can anyone say train wreck….


That photo is from an editorial she did for Interview Magazine in 2006 where she was style after Hollywood icons. This image has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. Lohan herself looks alot different now.

Here's the cover of the magazine that image appeared in, with another image of Lindsay channeling Taylor:


That photo was actually taken years ago for Interview Magazine by Karl Lagerfeld, back when she was still being taken seriously. She no longer looks like that.


Someone tell that bitch to EAT! She actually looks starved! Lindsay does not mimic the poise of Elizabeth at all. She always has that hardened porn star look on her face.


These look like the publicity photos she took for that "Inferno" Linda Lovelace movie. She looks nothing like Liz. No amount of hair or makeup could aide her in that.

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