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T.I. Will Play Bounty Hunter On The Hunt In Universal Pictures “Identity Thief”

T.I. Will Play Bounty Hunter On The Hunt In Universal Pictures "Identity Thief"

Rapper-turned-actor (raptor) T.I. has signed up to play a bounty hunter in a Universal Pictures action/comedy titled Identity Thief.

T.I. joins stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, as a man (Bateman) and the woman (McCarthy) who steals his identity, and they become unlikely companions. 

As a bounty hunter, T.I.’s character hunts them both, to collect his bounty.

The film's cast also includes Morris Chestnut, Jon Favreau, Amanda Peet, John Cho and others.

Call me a *hater* or whatever, and far be it for me to squash anyone's dream, but, I'm sorry, T.I. has absolutely no business acting, based on the work I've seen him do thus far. And yet he continues to get work, so egg on my face I guess.

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Silly rabbit. Casting is not just about acting. The money people like to throw in elements that give a project street cred and hype. How much buzz will this film get in the hip hop world from bloggers, radio stations, Wendy Williams and urban press simply because TI is in the film? Smart move on the part of the producers.


You'd better watch it: he'll put three holes in ya head like a bowling ball.


yesss, you are a hater!
first watch ATL


Really film studios? Why?

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