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Terry Crews Demands That You Watch The New “Expendables 2” Trailer, So Watch It Now!

Terry Crews Demands That You Watch The New "Expendables 2" Trailer, So Watch It Now!

The only person missing from this trailer is Mr Action Jackson himself, Carl Weathers

The throwback men-on-a-mission Expendables 2 will be in theaters on August 17th. C-ya then!

The first one made about $275 million worldwide; I won't be surprised if this one does even more than that. 

First watch Terry Crews demand that you watch the trailer; and then underneath, watch the full trailer.

And here's the full trailer:

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@ Papa Joe Jackson, I said the same thing to myself. I understand Wesley not being there because of his present circumstance but why not Carl Weathers or Mr. T? Rocky movies wouldn't have been anything without those brothers. SMH.

Papa Joe Jackson

That Carl Weathers is not in this YET AGAIN is exactly why I will NOT be supporting this movie. Watching republican fake tough guy Sly run around wearing too much make-up and shooting brown-skinned extras is not palatable without CARL "THE MAN" WEATHERS showing them how it's really done.

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