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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ 6-Minute IMAX Sneak Peek to Screen In Front of ‘Men in Black III,’ New Viral Marketing Hints At The Lizard’s Origins

‘The Amazing Spider-Man' 6-Minute IMAX Sneak Peek to Screen In Front of ‘Men in Black III,' New Viral Marketing Hints At The Lizard’s Origins

Men in Black III” faces a long road to success this weekend, with an inflated budget looming over a public opinion set firmly at “mildly amused,” but Paramount is hoping a little incentive in the form of an IMAX sneak peek will get people in seats for both of their upcoming tentpole productions.

ScreenCrush reports 6 minutes of “The Amazing Spider-Man” will screen in front of all IMAX “MIB3” showings, giving another peek at the film following a 4-minute mega-trailer last week. The goal of that preview was to clearly differentiate director Marc Webb’s version from Sam Raimi’s, and for the most part it succeeded. Andrew Garfield continues to display a game sense of humor, while Emma Stone appears as charming as usual. Still, with the film also seemingly focused more on character than action – although a variety of fight sequences are peppered throughout – the creative team might be in danger of showing every money shot the film has to offer before it even releases.

Also showing up to garner interest is a string of videos, featuring Dr. Connors updating his laboratory webcam on his scientific findings. There are accompanying ciphers to solve, all of which promise more sneak peeks at the end, but sadly, instead of a solid example of “mysterious” viral marketing, it all just reeks of a “Myst” point-and-click adventure. Still, the clues are there to be solved, and the film hoping to be seen when “The Amazing Spider-Man” opens July 3rd, and you can catch that in-no-way-inspired by “The Dark Knight Rises” IMAX sneak peek with “Men In Black 3” from Friday. [Coming Soon]

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I agree with John. We all grew up with Spider-man and basically anyone who doesn't give a damn about this film surely did not have a childhood.



Of course there are many people looking forward to this. I mean come on its Spider-man, one of the most popular superheroes in the comic book world. And Prometheus looks really promising but lets face it, everyone knows Spider-man and many don't even know what Prometheus is about.


People should come to realize that this movie is going to be amazing. I m excited for promtheus and tdkr and sky fall that really it. Stop doubting this film so much because now they are doing spider man right finally


Sony, not Paramount, dumbass.


Are there people actually looking forward to this? I'm in such a bubble that I'm seeing no real buzz for this. People are either still talking about Avengers, or looking forward to Prometheus/TDKR/fall movies.

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