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“The Avengers” Breaks The B.O. Record

"The Avengers" Breaks The B.O. Record

It’s a generational thing but whenever I hear The Avengers I always immediately think of the late 60’s British TV show of the same name that was on the ABC Network with super spies John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel. (Even N.Y. Times film critic A.O. Scott said the same thing himself in his review of the Marvel super hero film.) Guess you had to be around then at the time. The show was HUGE deal back then and one of absolute favorites as kid.

And I kept thinking about it while even watching the movie since that form fitting, skin tight, leather jumpsuit that Black Widow wears in the film while battling the bad guys is exactly like the form fitting, skin tight, leather jumpsuit that Mrs. Peel would wear in every episode while battling the bad guys. What’s old is new again.

But, as usual, I digress before telling you the news that The Avengers , the Marvel movie that is, has offically become the film with biggest opening weekend of all time making $200.3 million this weekend. And that’s on top of the over $441 million the film has made already overseas. Which means how far past $1 billion will this film nake? Who knows? The rest of this week’s B.O. reports coming within the hour…

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Monique A. Williams

It's easy to hate on the movie because it's popular. But it's popular because it's awesome. My family loved it. Joss Whedon did the damn thing, writing a hellafied script.
Iron Man and the Hulk were definite faves, but all of the Avengers were fantastic. Round, complex and complete, no one was left out.
My bone was Sam Jackson's extremely generic performance. I thought he was very bland. All the characters had depth but him. Ugh.
I didn't see it in 3D and I loved every minute.

EC Forde

Its called Avengers Assemble in the UK & Ireland


Samuel L. Jackson had a larger role in the film than I thought he would. It was great to see him running things.

Mark & Darla

People like what they like.


I wonder if Baroness Emmuska Orczy had any idea what she started with the Scarlet Pimpernel.

the black police

Blah blah blah. People are not lining up to watch this movie en masse because of it's theatrical brilliance. People just need their yearly summer fix of super hero movies. Nothing wrong with that but dont try to down people not liking it.

EC Forde


Did you know that the films title was changed in the UK because of folks like you who associated it with the 60s TV Series.


Sergio, not to "post jack" your thread but, any chance you guys will do a podcast anytime soon?
I really enjoy hearing the S&A crew's input on the current film scene. Thanks.


If Avengers was directed by a black director, these folks crying about "generic" comic book movie would change there fake ass tune in a heart beat to support it. So its not about Avengers the movie really..its the fact white folks like it. Bitter much?


The movie is powered by the characters far more than anything Michael Bay has put out. It leans more towards Indiana Jones than Transformers as far as blockbusters go.


SERGIO, yes it's a generational thing, I remember tuning into that Avengers every weekend, that one was Mod, Hip, very British, and empowering for women. Nothing against this Avengers that just came out. it's a comic book, and really for the fan boys, I'm just glad some one did it right, even if I never see it, they deserve to have their film also. But like Clint Eastwood said "Deserve got's nothing to do with it"



Sounds like you've never seen it.


Just proves how audiences eat up the most generic typical Hollywood trash, again and again. Smh.

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