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At last, someone has paid proper tribute to Howard and Theodore Lydecker, the legendary siblings who created unforgettable visual effects for Republic Pictures’ action-packed serials, westerns, and feature films during the studio’s heyday. Henderson is a devotee of those Saturday matinee favorites, but unlike most of us, he grew up knowing Theodore Lydecker’s son George. This enabled him to meet one of the famous brothers, and gave him latter-day access to the family and its collection of behind-the-scenes photos. It’s those photographs that make this book so valuable, along with the younger Lydecker’s anecdotes about his father’s work. Henderson’s fan-like text goes off on tangents from time to time, but he’s done all Republic aficionados a great service by tracking down everything he could about the brothers’ remarkable career. In his introduction, Michael H. Price properly salutes their “shirtsleeves artistry.” To purchase a copy, click HERE.

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Tribeca Mike

Thanks for bringing this book to the attention of your loyal readers. I've been waiting for this book since I was 8 years old!

Mike Price

Most thoughtful of you to mention Jan Henderson's book, Leonard. Thanks. Stay tuned for new developments with the "Forgotten Horrors" series.

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