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Tyler Perry Actually Shares Top-Billing On 1st Poster For “Madea’s Witness Protection”

Tyler Perry Actually Shares Top-Billing On 1st Poster For "Madea's Witness Protection"

MTV had the exclusive on this, which struck me initially, because I wondered why anything Madea-related would premiere on MTV, given that the audience for Madea films aren’t necessarily in MTV’s targer demo. 

Then I realized that this might be the whitest Madea flick to date, with Eugene Levy starring (he’s even sharing top-billing on the poster – as you see below – with Tyler Perry; when was the last time that happened?), with Denise RichardsTom ArnoldDoris Roberts, and Danielle Campbell in co-starring roles.

So of course MTV gets the exclusive! There’s obviously an attempt being made to attract a broader audience to the franchise. 

The poster even clues us to this change, whether intentionally or not: “New Look… New Madea.

Will it work? Might the whitest Madea flick ever be also the most successful Madea flick ever?

Brand new poster below, and the trailer underneath if you haven’t seen it yet (the film is out on June 29):

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I like Eugene Levy and all, but I can't picture him in a movie like this. I can imagine maybe Jon Cryer (Alan from Two and a half Men) or Jim Carrey.




I must admit, I'm not of fan of Tyler Perry's body of work but I am a fan of his business acumen. I don't know, this might bring in more dollars for his franchise but other than Eugene Levy and Doris Roberts, I think most of his earliest movies in the Madea franchise had a more talented roster (Jennifer Lewis, Alfre Woodard, Kimberly Elise, etc). Yeah, actors like Shemar Moore are not the most flexible or supple actors but compared to Denise Richards, is a bit more studied. As for MTV, this doesn't impress me much. Perhaps because, while very young at the time, I can still remember when their heavy rotation lineup excluded the biggest Pop star on the planet (Michael Jackson) and at this point, their best days may very well be long behind them. They probably hope a piece of Madea will somehow free them from the Jersey Shore, Single and Pregnant (or whatever the title of that show is) cycle they've been stuck in. Perhaps this will be mutually beneficial for both parties, I don't know. You all will have to let me know how this one turns out.

Tiffany Darling

Just when we thought it was safe to go to the theater…here comes the buffoonery.


Makes sense to want to be widely consumed. A move to attract a more diverse audience could actually, potentially, improve the quality of his films. At least his dramas. I saw Good Deeds and it was really good until the last three minutes. Without a trailer, it's hard to say how he's handeling stereotypes in this one, but the further away from them he gets, the better his work. Good Deeds showed that he has the potential to make a decent drama.


My concern is the lack of a trailer. There is no footage from the film. Is that an indication of how bad or unfunny this movie will be? We are seeing full summer trailers now. Why not this film? If it doesn't screen for critics, that will answer the question.

Adam Scott Thompson


the black police

Yall will continue to cry. While Tyler is living his dreams.

Wasnt this the poster for BIG HAPPY FAMILY

Your "Madea is pandering to the white folks" logic is failing.

The premise of the movie is A WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM. Eugene Levy is a considered "star" and is the one partaking in the protection. I dont see the "problem"

Dankwa Brooks

While I'm not personally checking for it, I think the move is brilliant. We the people here @ S&A love black film, but "men lie, women lie, the numbers don't" films accepted by the mainstream make money. We all want to see our culture represented and we all should continue to strive for it, but the mainstream wants different.


LMAO at Perry and his fans thinking Eugene Levy's presence will somehow attract white audiences and bigger box office!


Odd? All of the noted and an Oscar nominated Black actors (Cicely Tyson) never a shared billing. Tyler Perry (Medea) shame on you. And the people who continue to support it.


Madea is Madea. Levy is just as ridiculous in the majority of roles he plays.
I will watch it because in all honesty I always laugh.


Yay!! Another poster with a big Black man in Drag… God help our young Black boys and girls growing up in this day and age with these people as role models.


Love me Some madea


What about the Family that Preys that movie had a lot of white characters. I think Tyler Perry is really trying to crossover hard. I've got to give to Tyler he's smart he knows he has a white audience and if this movie is successful in America he will make a lot more money. Most of Perry's movies gross between $50 to about $60 million dollars. Madea goes to Jail was his biggest hit made $91 million. So I guess Tyler figures the more whites he has in this movie the more mainstream appeal he can achieve. And if Madea's witness protection is a success and makes $100 million well he's crossover.

Mama Gregory

This is terrible.


I don't know what it is but this poster is somehow more…Hollywood than any other Tyler Perry film ever. Especially the Madea ones. In the past they've been very self-referential, or they parody famous films, or they look way too serious for what they are. If this is the most successful Madea film, I wouldn't even necessarily attribute that to it being the whitest. Not fully, anyway. It's probably because it's the first to not take itself very seriously outside of the Madea aspects. I think it says a lot that the most successful Madea film now is the one with the silliest title regardless of what the film dealt with.

Tara D.

Oh, god, no.

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