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Vince Vaughn Will Make A Lot Of Babies In Remake Of French-Canadian Comedy ‘Starbuck’

Vince Vaughn Will Make A Lot Of Babies In Remake Of French-Canadian Comedy 'Starbuck'

Well, this is moving along much faster than we had anticipated. Only a couple of weeks ago it was announced that DreamWorks acquired the rights to Ken Scott’s French-Canadian hit comedy “Starbuck,” with plans to remake it with Scott writing and directing all over again. Well, the movie now has a big star attached.

Vince Vaughn will take the role of a middle-aged man whose life changes when he finds out that he has fathered 533 children through sperm donation, and that a few hundred of those children have expressed the wish to meet their biological father. Wackiness and smart-ass quips surely ensue. And not only is the movie casting ramping up, but the studio wants this one shooting before the end of the year — clearly they are smelling a hit, and they wouldn’t be wrong. In its home and native land, “Starbuck” earned $3.5 million at the box office which is a lot by Canadian standards and it took home the Golden Reel for highest box office at the Genies (Canada’s Oscars — they’re cute). And the original picture won audience awards at various fests as well (which begs the question why that isn’t released into theaters stateside, but we digress).

But before this can roll, Vaughn and his buddy Owen Wilson will spend the summer as “Interns” for director Shawn Levy. But it looks like Vaughn is filling out his schedule, and is going to continue to bring the funny to the multiplex. [Variety

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Samantha Jones

I find it amusing when writers belittle Canada and everything that Canada is. You want to know why the world (yes the world) dislikes the US so much? Its arrogance over everything it doesn't know about. Within this article Canada and its talent is dismissed multiple times, I know you want to believe the world revolves around your country, sadly it doesn't. Americans are taught pride for their country, pride of the people, if you were educated about the world you may just realize there is a big big world beyond Jersey Shore, the Kardashians and your love of yourselves. With love from the land of the Queen on my Twenty, Poutine on my plate and Beaver Tails.


sorry to disagree with you, Wendy. i thought it was shit. alright in a few places but incredibly desperate for commercial appeal. i felt Ken Scott was better than that.


Don't ruin this one, Hollywood. One of my favourites at TIFF last year!

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