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Watch: 4 Minute Super Preview For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Brings Big Set Piece & Recycled Footage

Watch: 4 Minute Super Preview For 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Brings Big Set Piece & Recycled Footage

Well, you can’t say that Sony isn’t trying. Launching their new 4 minute super preview of Marc Webb‘s “The Amazing Spider-Man” they boldly proclaim it’s the most anticipated film of the summer. Well, maybe behind “Prometheus” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” But we will say this latest trailer is probably the best of the lot yet, giving a strong sense of the tone that we can expect from the movie.

The preview opens up with an extended look at a set piece set on a bridge with Andrew Garfield‘s Spidey saving a bunch of cars from plunging into the bay thanks to the Lizard (Rhys Ifans). It’s a pretty effective kickstart, but is it just us, or does Peter Parker remove his mask while he’s suited up all the time. He doesn’t seem too concerned about keeping his identity secret. Anyway, from there it’s a hodgepodge of old footage and bits and pieces of new scenes put together, that thankfully is a bit more grounded than the goofier tone of earlier trailers and actually looks like it will at least deliver an measured balance between humor and drama, without the emo theatrics of Sam Raimi‘s movies. Also, it’s probably too early to say, but Garfield looks way more engaging than Tobey Maguire in the same role, though the fact that he’s not a sadsack certainly helps.

So, “most anticipated”? No, but this should put the movie back on the radar. Anyway, watch for yourself below followed by a image recently tweeted by Marc Webb. “The Amazing Spider-Man” opens on July 3rd.

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So the unstated goal of the Playlist is apparently to erase fond memories of Raimi's films through steady snark sprinkled throughout these articles? I seem to remember when the MO was instead to erase anticipation of this film with snark about how unnecessary a reboot seemed. Make up your minds!

That line about small knives kind of left him looking like an unsympathetic smart ass. But other than that it does seem like it has more potential after that peek.


Andrew Garfield is much more sympathetic than Tobey Maguire. Great casting


Honestly I'm surprised how bloody cheap a lot of the non-effects moments look. I'm talking poorly lit & CSI TV quality production values cheap.


That's what I thought. He takes the mask off a lot in this doesn't he?
Overall, it looks good but the VFX need to be finished.


A cool post with touch of humor, kinda like maybe the Andrew Garfield's spidy atmosphere.

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