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Watch: All The Long Takes From Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Children Of Men’ Edited Into One Remarkable 30 Min. Video

Watch: All The Long Takes From Alfonso Cuaron's 'Children Of Men' Edited Into One Remarkable 30 Min. Video

While we wait to see what Alfonso Cuaron has in store with his hugely ambitious 3D sci-fi flick “Gravity” starring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and lots and lots and lots of CGI, here’s an opportunity to revisit one of his best films, “Children Of Men,” with a bit of twist.

While much has been made in recent weeks about the long takes his new movie will employ in addition to an epic opening sequence (although that’s been known for a couple of years now), he certainly hasn’t been shy about showing his preference for uncut, continuous scenes in the past. “Children Of Men” features a plethora of them, though it should be noted that a handful were aided by digital trickery, utilizing different takes to create a seamless blend as the scenes played out. Nonetheless, it’s impressive work, and a reminder is this age of fast cutting of the power of letting a sequence unfold uninterrupted. Take a look below. [Mentorless via Reddit]

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Umm, if I wanted to see this, couldn't I just skip scenes on my DVD?


…Cuaron is the next Kubrick!


When this movie was released, it deserved the Best Picture Oscar . This film will stand the test of time.


why not watch the film, its perfect, instead of just 30 minutes… 70 more minutes and youve seen the whole film


The only cinematography that comes close to this is HBO's new show GIRLS!

Refocused Media

I can't praise the film enough. Mentorless was awesome to feature my work on her blog. Here is my humble little post, if anyone is interested:

Glad you guys enjoyed it.


This film is phenomenal. Thanks for posting the collection

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