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Watch: BBC Drama “My Murder”, Starring John Boyega

Watch: BBC Drama "My Murder", Starring John Boyega

Tambay first told us about the BBC’s based-on-real-life drama, My Murder, which stars John Boyega, in March.

Boyega stars as murdered British teenager Shakilus Townsend, who, in 2008, was lured to his death by fellow teen Samantha Joseph (played by Simona Zivkovska), in what was labeled a “honeytrap murder”, a twisted love-triangle gone terribly wrong.

I have to admit that it’s a gritty piece of work, for a TV movie, at least.  And I would caution that though My Murder could be used as a learning tool to educate youths about the effects and consequences of violence, this is not a film for young kids.

And just to be on the safe side, I would be careful about watching it on your work computer, if you know what I mean.

The film was produced for, and aired on BBC3 back in March.  Not surprisingly, it’s found its way onto YouTube.  And here it is . . .

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Me and my ginger hair cried at this!


I read about this incident when it happened some years ago. I've seen a bit of the movie and it looks good. I plan to watch the whole thing when I have the time. Thanks.

the black police

The UK ("black") films are always so gritty. Makes the country seem like some "third-world" country.

In any case, I heard about the story this film was based on. Its nice to see they made a film on it. Tragic real life story.


John can act his ass off. These young brothers over here in the states better step up!


Saw this on BBC3 in March and its a very good Single Drama. Recommend watching this to anyone that is interested.

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