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Watch: Even More New Footage In Latest ‘Prometheus’ Featurette That Asks “Where Do We Come From?”

Watch: Even More New Footage In Latest 'Prometheus' Featurette That Asks "Where Do We Come From?"

Charlize Theron wielding a flame thrower and Michael Fassbender riding a bike and shooting hoops are just some of the new bits and bobs of footage to be found in the latest featurette for Ridley Scott‘s hugely anticipated “Prometheus.”

This three-and-a-half-minute featurette is mostly your standard EPK stuff, with the cast and writers — Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce, Logan Marshall-Green, Jon Spaihts, Damon Lindelhof — all offering up empty quotes, but it’s the footage framing it that’s the most interesting, offering even more glimpses of the upcoming film. There’s a part of us worried that we’re seeing a bit too much (there’s one rather big spaceship explosion that feels like too much of a reveal), yet at the same time, it’s still keeping us feverishly excited for the pic. However, it’s the opening two questions that kick off the promo vid that sum up the themes the movie will be tackling quite succinctly: “Where do we come from?” and “What is our purpose?” And by the looks of it, those are questions that were probably better left unasked.

“Prometheus” arrives on June 8th.

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It actually wouldn't surprise me if Scott, being the cunning old warhorse that he is, is potentially throwing a few curveballs at us in these trailers and that we are lulled into knowing (or think we know) the general plot. Additional sequences may have been shot for use purely in promotional material that may not be seen in the final cut (that's hardly a precedent – has been done countless times before). Even careful editing of trailers and ordering of scenes can give viewers a false sense of knowing what the plot might be. All we might be witnessing in these trailers are merely multiple sub-plots and that the main plot/antagonist has yet to be seen.

I find it difficult to believe that Scott would be wanting to reveal the plot to all and sundry before the film is released – especially given the lengths he's gone to to keep the film and its storyline a secret……or is it just wishful thinking on my part?!


First thing, does anybody else think that Ridley Scott gives incoherent interviews? Every interview I see of him is either non-sensical or self-contraditory. Even in just a few seconds of a clip we get a taste. Around 1:15 he claims the film isn't speculation, but it's about "what there may be out there" … uh, what?

I think I'm going to stop watching these trailers and featurettes. We're still a month out from the release and it seems like we are getting bombarded with footage and hints that give away a bit too much. Also, the more footage I see, the less I'm am convinced by their constant insistences that this is not an Alien prequel. I'm sure it will work fine as a stand-alone film, but I'm just guessing that (though not speculating!) that the marketers involved want to distance the film from the original Alien because they fear the young, male demographic they are targeting may be unfamiliar with the original 1979 Alien film – which, if true, is a bogus argument because young male audiences will go to any movie that has a cool trailer with screaming, stuff blowing up, and a hot blonde like Charlize in it.

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