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Watch: Extended Trailer For J.J. Abrams-Produced, Jon Favreau-Directed Show ‘Revolution’

Watch: Extended Trailer For J.J. Abrams-Produced, Jon Favreau-Directed Show 'Revolution'

Well, pilot season is just around the corner and the networks are beginning to unveil their clips and trailers hoping to start getting some buzz brewing about their newest offerings. But the reality is that of the shows that make it to air, many won’t last past a season, but if there is one person you can’t count out it’s J.J. Abrams. As a writer/producer he’s been behind massively successful shows like of “Lost,” “Alias,” “Felicity” and “Fringe,” and his latest show, “Person of Interest,” was recently renewed on CBS (though “Alcatraz” was canceled). But his track record is strong and his latest venture, the high concept, sci-fi-ish drama “Revolution” has the ingredients of another hit.

NBC has dropped an extended four-minute trailer for the pilot that boasts “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau behind the camera. And visually, it’s impressive and certainly, no expense seems to have been spared. The show is set 15 years after all forms of electricity/energy have suddenly ceased existing on the planet, with militias taking over the rule of the land. But some kind of weird amulet holds the key to bringing power back, and needless to say, there are more than a few interested parties.

We like the idea, but we’re hesitant in our optimism. Let’s not forget how “Lost” so terribly squandered its concept, and right now, the biggest stumbling block for us is the acting. There are some truly cringe-worthy line deliveries here, made even more jarring when Giancarlo Esposito (the main reason we’re gonna watch this) shows everybody how it’s done. But we’d be lying if by the final scene we weren’t curious as hell.

“Revolution” airs this fall on Mondays at 10 p.m. Get a taste below.

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This MSN video is a must watch for any JJ Abrams fan:


This is so much like the hunger games instead of her having a bow and arrow she has a crossbow it takess place in the future and have u noticed that she wears a brown leather jacket like katniss this is going to keep me interested until Catching fire comes out after it does idk if I'll still watch it but well watever


Isn't it strange the way lights in TV and movies always turn off in such a cinematic sequential order?


Anyone else get a Hunger Games vibe from this,the whole girl with the bow and arrow,leather jacket,etc


of course they didn't find it…how the else would she be typing…idiots!


I don't know, I'm a huge Abrams fan, but he's got to create another show and actually be involved in it, with the exception of Person of Interest, all the shows he's leant basically his name and business savvy to have been more or less lifeless. This looks like another case of interesting concept wasted by cut & dry visuals and stilted characters/dialog (like Terra Nova was), and the whole track down the missing sibling during a post-apocalyptic war is very akin to the first set up in last year's Falling Skies. Also, I don't quite get this, electricity just stops existing? An EMP I'd get, but circuit boards could be rebuilt, clearly that isn't the case here, but if electricity stopped existing, how are people even alive considering it's electric impulses that keep your heart pumping?


I'm actually really intrigued by this! I'll definitely check it out.


Chill Leon. Lost was great until the 5th season mark. Once it hit that, the writers meandered around what the show was built to do when it was nearing the end. Yeah, the finale was emotional but it still left me mad.
As for this show, it looks awful. A weak concept. Plus it was done before. It's called "Jericho".
And called me twisted, I wish Giancarlo would have retired after Breaking Bad. I don't think he'll ever have the performance up to that standards.


"Lost" didn't squander shit. It was a fine show, loaded with originality. This on the other hand looks like a cross between "The Postman" and "Book of Eli". Neither of which was very interesting in the first place.


"Your dad was my friend. I am going, too."


Why does this remind me of 'The Postman'? Other than that, I'm optimistic.

St.Jon Clark

Eric Kripke does it again. I am already a fan!

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