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Watch: First Teaser Clip Of Joaquin Phoenix In Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’

Watch: First Teaser Clip Of Joaquin Phoenix In Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master'

Woah. We knew that the Weinstein Company was about to unveil some footage from Paul Thomas Andersons “The Master” in Cannes tonight (and we’ll have our reactions from that for you later), but we just got a nice surprise, courtesy of the Twitter account of Megan Ellison, with the first bit of footage from the film, the director’s first in five years.

Focusing on Joaquin Phoenix‘s Freddie, a drunken navy man, this clip sees him being questioned by a superior officer after some kind of incident, as it cuts between Phoenix at the beach, and in what seems to be a submarine, all set to a nifty percussive score that we assume is by the film’s composer, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. This is all before Freddie meets the title character (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who runs a religion rumored to be modelled on Scientology. The clip feels both very Paul Thomas Anderson, and something slightly different (check out that fish-eye lens!), and it’s a nice little taste of one of our most anticipated films of the year.

“The Master” (and yes, naysayers, that is the official name) also stars Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Jesse Plemons, Kevin J. O’Connor, W. Earl Brown, Lena Endre, Ambyr Childers and more, and The Weinstein Company will open the film on October 12th 2012. Check the clip out below. [The Master]

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Any info on Inherent Vice ? is it still the next film he is gonna make?



Nick Anno

You misspelled Jonny Greenwood's name. Please fix it (and thereafter delete my comment, so as to save your face).


I've seen a lot of comparisons to Kubrick for some reason but I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Malick as an influence. Now it may just be the beach/naval setting but this whole scene looks like it could've been lifted straight from The Thin Red Line.


can anyone confirm that he is sculpting tits of sand on the beach?


We box it out.


Yes please!

oogle monster

This looks fantastic but I'm still hoping Baz Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby turns out to be something spectacular and actually ends up as frontrunner and blockbuster.


Joaquin is wearing the dirtbag well.


harvey's got pta,hillcoat,dominik,tarantino,o'russel,and possibly refn but spielberg's got DDL and i think lincloln will be the best film of the year.
However Paul is my favourite director,the trailer looks fantastic and i am more entuziast because the cinematographer mihai mlaimare jr. is from my country,Romania


Gave me chills. nice to see a trailer all about the performances.


The music is fantastic. Magnolia and Boogie Nights had good soundtracks, but TWBB and this are something completely different. No-one else uses music like this, PTA's films have such a unique atmosphere.

Joaquin Phoenix seems to be on fire aswell. Can't wait to see Hoffman's role.


First time I see PTA using the 1.85 aspect ratio in a movie.


Glad to see Phoenix back, he is one of the better actors out there.


get in front of my goddamned eyes, right now!


With the way things are coming together this year, this will easily be the best year Weinstein Company has ever had. I mean, there film lineup this year is killer: Hillcoat, Dominik, O. Russell, PTA, Quentin Tarantino, and possibly Refn in one year and in the same studio? Damn.


It has the look of Kubrick about it. I know they used the same 65mm camera from 2001, but I mean filmstock and lighting wise it has that The Shining/Full Metal Jacket look. Looks wonderful.


Looks and sounds amazing. If this movie can live up to its promise…holy shit.


Are sure that's not PSH at the end there?


100 seconds & PTA pulls off a more rewarding & unique experience than most directors can do with 100 minutes.


Wow. I'm gonna call it right now..Pheonix for Best Actor!


There is nothing in 2012 I am more looking forward to.


I'm sold. Not that I needed to see this to be sold, but holy cow…can't wait


Well I need some new pants now. What a match PTA and Greenwood are. And I'm loving the cinematography; I love how it resembles an old color photograph from that era. Dammit, and I probably won't get to see it till next year.





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