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Watch: Gettysburg Address Anchors New Trailer For ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

Watch: Gettysburg Address Anchors New Trailer For 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

There has got to be someone sorry over at Fox about “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” Is anyone talking about this movie? With “Prometheus,” “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Dark Knight Rises” being the event movies everybody is talking about, and with just about a month to go until ‘Vampire Hunter’ is released, no one is getting really excited for this. A red band trailer dropped last week that upped the blood factor but not much else, and now another new trailer has arrived and…meh.

Mashing up history and genre fare is tricky, and it seems getting the tone right is going to be challenging as well, as this latest spot goes to great lengths to establish the setting, even using the Gettysburg Address to hold down the second half, but the vampire stuff doesn’t quite fit in. We’re not sure why we need to be hit over the head that this is an alternate history. If Fox can take any advice for the last few weeks they have left to sell this thing: more vampires, more blood, less history class. No teenager wants to feel like their gonna be back in school if they buy a ticket for this thing.

The studio will be screening the movie for the sailors on the USS Abraham Lincoln (because there isn’t a USS Vampire Hunter, though that would be awesome). The movie opens on June 22nd. [STYD]

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This film is gourgeous, just seen it in England. Exactly the fact that this films superbly blends history and vampire myths is the great thing about it. The gory vampire action is in fact boring, but simply because gory vampire action itself is. In every genre film. If you do not add something more, then it will stay boring throughout. And who gives a damn about kids leaving the film because they find themselves reminded on history classes. They can see all this teen vampire crap anyway. This is a vampire film for grown ups. And the historical parts of it, the irony about it, is the most thrilling part of it. And who cares about the humanity problems. The US and the english film industry makes film about Nazis all the time…remember Inglorious Basterds?…has anyhow asked about the relation to holocaust and if this is not tasteless? Does anyone mind? Either you hate both of it or you find both acceptable, but skip this bigottry americans are famous for.


Does the fact that they're recasting the Civil War as a battle against vampires instead of one of the worst atrocities in the history of the human race seem incredibly tasteless to anyone else?


"No teenager wants to feel like their gonna be back in school if they buy a ticket for this thing" I hate to be that guy who points out simple, harmless grammatical accidents, but c'mon, the irony!

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