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Watch Lee Daniels Show Off His Editing Skills In New Clip From “The Paperboy”

Watch Lee Daniels Show Off His Editing Skills In New Clip From "The Paperboy"

Oh Lee Daniels… I’ve been looking forward to seeing your first post-Precious work (it’s been a while hasn’t it), and, thus far, the 2 clips I’ve seen from The Paperboy haven’t really wooed me. I’m a bit concerned. 

This clip new clip especially; yes, I know, it’s just one clip, but, as The Playlist notes (where I lifted the below clip), these kinds of juxtapositioning of images, and sophomoric transitions/cutting are just that… sophomoric. Stop it! 

Yes, we can see that Zac Efron’s character is having a mental moment; he’s daydreaming. We got it. Please don’t have several sequences like this throughout the film. I’ll probably get a headache. 

A little subtelty goes a long way.

On the other hand, it’s good to see David Oyelowo in this. The talent in this alone makes it a project worth paying attention to. I hear Nicole Kidman has a “Fatal Attraction” reveal moment in the film, and Daniels has promised that this film delivers even *dirtier* deeds.

The Paperboy is scheduled to screen at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival shortly, and we’ll get our first reactions to it when that happens, by way of reviews from those writers who are in attendance.

*Fingers crossed*


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idk it looks pretty funny to me. Yeah the transitions are awful, but Nicole plays great trashy broads. And Oyelowo's lines here are hilarious.


Nicole looks like she is squeezing out another Oscar performance in that pic. Is this film supposed to be a white girl's Monster's Ball?

Mark & Darla

'Shrugging my shoulders' love it, people daydream differently, this is Lee interpretation of a daydream state of mind it may not be yours, to each own.


idk, for me — it's hard to judge the editing without seeing how it fits in the overall theme of the movie. I mean, if it takes away from the flow of the movie, and thus disturbs my viewing pleasure, than yeah, it could be a concern. However, since I am not a frustrated filmmaker who has to resort to writing — to earn a living — about those who are actually making films, I tend to not focus on the small stuff. Having said that, that music was irratating! On the other hand, "You serious, I'm sweating like a pregnant nun back here" (good line)


Pretty corny. The film looks like it needed a better editor, but what else can you expect from the guy who made Shadowboxer?


Tambay, subtlety and Lee Daniels does NOT go hand in hand. You should know better! LOL


Never was a fan of his work since seeing what's got to be one of the worst films ever, Shadow Boxer! As for Precious; shock and awe; nothing more. and yeah, those dissolves were tired.


it's "Basic Instinct" not "Fatal Attraction"…duuuh, get it right


I see. I watched it twice. The scene would have had more impact had it just played out with her coming out of the house and getting in the car, kissing him.. in real time – no slow motion, editing effects, then him snapping out of with David Oyelowo. It's just unnecessary and slightly irksome. I'm really diggin Oyelowo in this btw.


I actually liked it. What was the problem ?

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