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Watch: New Trailer For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Arrives And Spins A New Web

Watch: New Trailer For 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Arrives And Spins A New Web

With “The Avengers” already in theaters and crushing the box office, and with Christopher Nolan‘s “The Dark Knight Rises” looking to deliver the epic finale everyone is hoping for, can Sony‘s “The Amazing Spider-Man” make it three-for-three? Well, the newest (and, presumably, the last) trailer is here and it’s pretty… blah. Sony is going to have to go into overdrive to convince people that it’s worth sitting through another two hours of “how Peter Parker got his Spider-Man powers,” because, really, this trailer isn’t convincing anyone.

The clip features a lot of the same footage that we were shown back in February at the preview for fans/press, and we can’t pinpoint anything new in this trailer that we didn’t see back then. However, for those who couldn’t make it, a lot of this will be brand new. We get glimpses of Rhys Ifans‘ Lizard villain, Emma Stone looking very adorable, and we still love that glow-in-the-dark chamber where the radioactive (or genetically mutated) spiders are being kept at OsCorp (from what we understand, the movie is riddled with references to Norman Osborne as “The Man Upstairs” or “The Boss” but we don’t actually ever see him). The trailer ends with a climactic fight between Spider-Man and The Lizard high atop a building in Columbus Circle, things crashing and glass raining down towards the street. But we can’t really tell you why this is all that exciting, especially after “The Avengers” and Loki’s army fucked up much of midtown in truly spectacular fashion.

We’ll let you judge for yourself — here’s the trailer, and we’re sure everyone will flock to this thing when it opens on July 3rd.

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the trailer looks like a CGI overdose


Stop acting like Spider-man 2 wasn't the sweetest of all Marvel films until now. You're gonna tell me this sterile video-game cut scene slideshow of a movie looks half as witty, charming, action packed, and imaginative as five minutes of any Raimi film? I mean, hey, this might rule, it's just a trailer, but stop "forgetting" what matters: SM2 is an incredible film. The first one was a pretty good film, too. So the third one was a mess… get over it.


Oh come on you grump, this looks good. In the year of BATTLESHIP, what the hell are complaining about. Good cast, FX look strong, interesting choice of director. Give it a chance.


The Lizard always worked as a tragic street level villain, keeping to back alleys and the sewers, not skyscrapers and bridges. Those environments were always for the Green Goblin or Vulture where Spider-Man could swing. The Lizard stories were interesting because they reversed that dynamic and became claustrophobic.

He looks like King Kong with scales in this.


is it just me or does this movie not have any buzz…


I really want to be excited for this movie. When I first heard all of the people involved I couldn't believe all our luck; how could this movie not turn out to be something fresh and new, something pretty fucking spectacular? But ever since the first trailer, the whole thing just seems…I don't know. Compared with TDKR and Avengers (and it'll be compared in every review, believe me) it just feels smaller and unbalanced, like the youngest kid in the family who keeps trying to punch above its weight to make it into the same leagues as his elder brothers but can't quite make it. It feels dated, as well, to tell the truth. And this trailer just doesn't sell a damn thing. I mean, 500 Days of Summer was hardly refined but it wasn't nearly half as blatant as this picture seems to be. Bad, bad writing. Awful, actually. I mean, I get that Webb & co. feel that they're striving for something contemporary with the whole "I need to solve the mystery behind my relationship with my parents" narrative, a kind of elitist Fuck You to other superhero movies about worlds that lack decent moral values, good vs. evil, stuff like that, but to have the character actually say it aloud? It seems way too brazen. That trailer was a huge disappointment but, like the rest of us, I'm still probably gonna go see the movie. But the thing looks kind of hopeless.


Why does this article keep disappearing and reappearing


After watching this trailer , people had a nerve to trash the TDKR's final trailer. TDKR's trailer is haunting and complex, and this Spiderman trailer is like Michael Bay junk food . Plus, I have a feeling this movie will be just as bad as Green Lantern . After Cinemacon, their are rumors that Sony is not happy with the finished product of Spiderman.


Why does one of the posters have a Start Industry logo on it. Fan made poster?


This trailer is definitely a step up. First thoughts is that it's not skimping on the action, which looks coherent and well thought out, if a little ambitious for the available resources. Webb seems to have acquitted himself well, but we'll find out on release date.


Things the Spider-Man reboot must do to get my ass in the seat:
1. No origin story
2. Kill Gwen Stacey (like in the comics)
3. No origin story


I loved Marc Webb's (500) Days of Summer, but I think he just can't handle a big film like this.


i love how playlist acts like everyone is not excited lol

not enough exposition dialouge for ya?


This is far more workmanlike than the Raimi versions, but also far superior. I'd rather have a polished and professional summer movie than the garish, irritating mess of the last three films, even if it's creatively a little middle of the road.


need a link that doesn't require itunes


this was a pretty non-blah trailer actually. the other trailers sucked but this one is a million times better and seems to promise thrills, a new kind of spidey, and the fresh adventure we all hoped for from this pretty random reboot.

one big plus: gone is the heavenly sun drenched nyc, traded in for a new blade runner-ish neon metropolis.


There's almost a fakeness to the entire city in which this story is based. But I'll still see this just for the heck of it.

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