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Watch Now Before May 13 Debut: Full Episode Of 1st In Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk” Series

Watch Now Before May 13 Debut: Full Episode Of 1st In Jada Pinkett Smith's "Red Table Talk" Series

A quick recap… the story goes, earlier this year, Jada Pinkett Smith sat down with daughter Willow Smith, and mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones for an intimate conversation on love, life, fame, family and more, across the 3 represented generations, in what is being titled the Red Table Talk series… just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday.

The Red Table will eventually represent all conversation… My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships,” said Jada.

The first in what will be a web-based series was scheduled to air on Mother’s Day, this Sunday, the 13th; but courtesy of AOL/Huffington Post, you can watch it in its entirety right now, ahead of Sunday’s scheduled debut. It’s only 20-minutes long:

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wow. i have nothing but positive words to express regarding this video.
what i will take with me is that there is a power in honest communication.
honest communication that is not intentionally harmful yet the type
of "talk" that says this is my view and why and wanting to build from that in
a constructive way. it made look at the communication/how i treat myself/how i treat others.
i hope others will see this and see more than just jada/willow/jada's mom-willow's grandmom and really see how you can heal &empower all through communicating without
being negative in the delivery of words and staying open to really listen. i am glad i took the time out to view this.


I was so inspired by this video! I am going thru some issues w/ my children especially my 13 yr old daughter and this video has motivated me to push harder for a better relationship w/ them and everyone else!!! Jada, you are a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you!!!


I have to say I am loving this "Red Table Talk" and I have to say Thank You for letting us into your world Jada. You inspire me to have a more open relationship with my son and I hope one day we can be as close and open as your family is. I hop we can continue to watch and learn from you, and like my grandmother says it takes a village to raise a child and you are now part of my village.

Talent TV for Kids

This video was beautiful. A family learning how to communicate and love each other more. That's what this was about. They televised it because it can help other people. I am encouraged to do the same thing with my family. Jada was open and honest about her current struggles. Clearly, Willow has issues with Jada. Willow sat away from Jada and twisted her mouth every time Jada spoke. Based on their conversation, it seems Willow takes issue with Jada's new direction of putting herself first. Jada dominated the conversation probably because she still wants to be a star but she should fall back more next time and give Willow more opportunity to speak. I hope to see more.

Proud Mama

This was great! This explains why Jada is so mature and nurturing. Why Willow get to look like that. lol -no shade she is still cute looking like papa. But what i loved the most was a sh-pill on making yourself happy learning balance and refilling the well. Brilliant! I needed this.


I was ready, I had on my don't get sucker-punched shoes — which could explain my opinion that this had the itchy feeling of pretentiousness. Since I knew this was taped long before today, my predisposition was affirmed when they started by saying "Happy Mother's Day". I felt like Ladybug, disappointed… edited & scripted.


My wife brought me breakfast in bed and told me she wanted me to watch this with her. This was so deep and it touched both of our life. We cryed and after had such a deep conversation, that changed our live as of today. Thank you so much! Jada, Willow and Grandma for such truth to life, love, family, and fame. Happy Mother's Day and my god bless you all. Waiting for more to come.


i loved it wish it was longer but my mom has always had talks with me and my siblings like that and she still does one on one and when we are all together i grew up hating my mom buit as i got older she let us know why she was they way she was when we were younger and it gave me an eye opener as to who she really is and the love that she gave us growing up she was and always will be an outstanding mom i love you mom


For me I was a bit disappointed . . . I got more from the trailer . . . I feel like the talk was edited down to nothing . . . And was mostly Jada

Pandolyn Cunningham

We need so much more of this….MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE, MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE…This was truly great…This is what needs to be on TV..not all the cat fighting all the time…Thank you!


I loved this and I finally saw a show that uplifted me spiritually. Sometimes celebs get caught up in the ego-status of being famous, but this was real, direct and allowed us "general folk" to see all of them in their "general folk" status. LOL I look forward to viewing more episodes and I really wish it was longer…


I thoroughly enjoyed this. Nice! Would love to see more.

Ms. Mooks

Loved it. Great concept for a talk show. Three generations of women. Awesome idea from a fellow Baltimorian. Work, Jada!


I loved this, as much as I get tired of celebs talking about how hard it is to be famous. It felt organic and genuine, and it was beautiful to see three generations of beautiful sistas talk real with one another. Jada's made me feel her guilt and love and pain. Just lovely. I look forward to more episodes.

Michele Truvillion

I loved it! Willow stole my heart. And the way Jada asked her (Willow) questions, was so understanding and open. You could feel the love between the 3 of them. Im gonna have a table discussion with my Mom and my sisters like that. Hope it ends up as pleasant as theirs!


Jada really led the convo. Good of them to share an intimate moment with others. I felt like what they were saying was completely sincere. I don't think Willow really asked her mom the question(s) that Jada sought (on how to be a better mom…or what she could do for her child as the mother of a burgeoning star who suffers daily from "being famous"). Willow looks just like Will. Beautiful family.

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