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Watch Now: New Web Series “Two ____ in a Car,” by the Writer of “Sh*t Black Girls Say”

Watch Now: New Web Series "Two ____ in a Car," by the Writer of "Sh*t Black Girls Say"

Here’s a laugh to kick off your holiday weekend. The next project from the writer of Sh*t Black Girls Say, is a new web series very much in the vein of the sh*t says brand of humor.

The concept is interesting. Each episode centers on the random, funny moments that happen when two people are in a car on their way to a destination.

According to producer Lena Waithe, the idea came by happenstance when her friends Camrin William and DJ Pierce (who you may recognize as Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race) were caught on DJ’s camera phone, which was laying on the dashboard.

“When I saw the footage I immediately thought it was such a cool concept. Two people in one car, with one thing in common, on their way somewhere. In this instance it happened to be two gay guys on their way to Popeyes. That just sounds funny.”

They ran with the idea, and now you can look forward to seeing the Two ______ in a Car series fill in the blank with a new duo each week.

Check out the first episode below:

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Why do gay guys always have to be flaming or feminine? Do gay guys not have masculine voices or watch football & basketball? You prove the sterotypes to be true which is so sad in 2012 :-(


Inane drivel. This is the problem with "content" driven media as opposed to actually producing something artistic and worthwhile. At least, try a new take on "something". I just wasted 3 minutes that I can never get back, ugh.


Not everything has to have a point, but I find myself wondering what this one is. So, two friends of hers talked in the car for hours and she cut it together? And she's going to keep doing that?

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