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Watch: VH1 Releases Super Trailer For Upcoming Season 2 of “Single Ladies” (Debuting May 28)

Watch: VH1 Releases Super Trailer For Upcoming Season 2 of "Single Ladies" (Debuting May 28)

Time flies doesn’t it? I feel like it was only recently that this series made its debut on VH1, and recall a lot of you complaining about it :)

Well, season 1 has long been over, and the network did renew the series for a second season, much to the disappointment of some I’m sure, and the first episode of that sophomore season is scheduled to air in exactly 10 days – May 28th!

So get ready… just in time as Scandal ends :)

The show, which made its debut on May 30th, 2011, averaged close to 3 million viewers each week, with a strong showing in its core 18 to 34 female demographic.

I finally watched most of season 1 if only to see what exactly the draw was, and so that I can at least know what I’m talking about when I do talk about it, even though I’m clearly not in the show’s target audience.

And you may be surprised to know that I didn’t think it was that bad of show; yeah, the acting isn’t great, and neither is the writing, in my opinion of course; but it’s really not trying to be anything more than what it is – this light and frothy, fast-food slice of entertainment, and I can see why young black women in that 18-34 demo (it’s core audience – though certainly not all) would be attracted to it. You’ve got all the superficial trimmings that will appeal to some within that group – the clothes (the kind you’d need a hefty salary to afford; throughout the entire first season, of all the episodes I watched, I don’t think any of these single ladies wore a single outfit more than once), the juggling of men (most of them rich studs – straight out of GQ and Forbes magazines), the cars, lavish homes/apartments, the upscale restaurants, etc, etc, etc. 

We could say that the show is selling a fantasy life for some, as unrealistic as it all might be. But I suppose that’s part of the appeal – envisioning oneself as one of these women.

And throw in the episode-to-episode drama that comes with it all, that while may not be desired in real life, keeps the audience engaged.

For us dudes, I can’t say there’s much to see here. Stacey Dash strutting around in a vairety of short, tight, see-through outfits, flaunting her figure, will certainly get your attention, but for how long? Likely not 13+ episodes long.

I don’t plan on continuing on with season 2 when it begins next week; I’ve got too much else to catch up on. But, again, as I said, it’s not as horrid as I thought it would be, given all the negative reactions many of you had to it, really lowering my expectations. And I can see the appeal as I’ve explained – 3 million strong, and will likely grow this season.

As I’ve said before, we, black people, aren’t a monolith; we don’t all have the same tastes; we aren’t all attracted to the same kinds of things. This appeals to one group, clearly, even though it may not appeal to other groups. So it goes…

Earlier this year, it was announced that Cassandra Freeman (most recently seen on S&A in Alrick Brown’s Kinyarwanda) had joined the cast of the Queen Latifah-produced hour-long VH1 dramedy series Single Ladies which revolves around the romantic lives of three friends.

Freeman will play a character named Morgan Hayes, but no word on what her relationship will be to the others in the cast.

You’ll remember that series lead Stacey Dash exited the series after its inaugural season (well there goes any reason to watch season 2 now, right fellas?) and was replaced by All My Children alum Denise Vasi

LisaRaye McCoy and Charity Shea will return. And why wouldn’t they? Cha-ching!

We last posted a promo for season 2 about a month ago; tpoday, a full 3 1/2-minute “super trailer” as VH1 is calling it, has surfaced, and is embedded below, so take a look:

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This show is absolutely horrible! Why Queen Latifah?!?! Why?!?! Superficial ass, silly ass, sad ass, backwards ass people.

trinity j.

the guys in this season are hot, but if i have to choose the hottest one i would pick db woodside of course, he is the complete package: he is smart, tall, dark skin, in shape, and sexy. he is my dream lover. so for u girls or guys who have your eyes on him he is off the market. u can look but cant touch or lust!!!!


db woodside u are so fine. i cannot wait to see u and what u have in stored for us your fans on may 28


I'm sorry Tambay but I don't watch the show for the clothes, or the juggling of men or the lavish lifestyles of the lead characters. Why do I watch, you ask? Two words: D.B. Woodside. Yep, not only is he FINE but he's the best actor on the show and has great chemistry with LisaRaye. Was that him I saw shirtless, kissing on LisaRaye's neck? I'm sold! Bring on season 2! ;D


What's with the colorism in the Black American Community? Concerned African (who is lightskinned). I can understand if its the white media being racist, but even the black media? Gabrielle Union and her type really appeal to a lot of people, especially outside of America. Why not hire someone of her skintone for a change? I'm very certain AA women are not all this light-skinned. The audiences I see om 106 and Park usually have very darkskinned girls, while the host is light (p.s. I'm a lightskinned African who follows AA culture, good and the bad).


OMG I can't wait! And I LOVE the new girl's hair :)

heavy sigh....AGAIN

I'm excited for this show as equally as I am excited that it will be employing the under-represented light skinned sisters.

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