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Weekend B.O. May 18-20 (Rihanna Fails To Knock Over Avengers)

Weekend B.O. May 18-20 (Rihanna Fails To Knock Over Avengers)

Not even Battleship with the awesome, blinding force of power known to the world and the cosmos as Rihanna could beat The Avengers this weekend. Once again the Marvel film was No.1 this weekend, while Battleship underperformed, making some $10 million less than what most film box office analysts had predicted.

Meanwhile still in the top ten is Think Like A Man, but fading. Though it’ll will no doubt reach the $90 million mark for sure; as it stands, it’ll fall short of the golden $100 million goal post. But who’s complaining? The film still is the highest grossing black film in quite a while. 

However, whether this translates into film studios backing more black films is very unlikely. The indie route will still be the way to go

1) Marvel’s The Avengers BV $55,057,000 Total: $457,078,000
2) Battleship Uni. $25,300,000 
3) The Dictator Par. $17,415,000 
4) Dark Shadows WB $12,770,000 Total; $50,908,000
5) What to Expect When You’re Expecting LGF $10,500,000
6) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel FoxS $3,250,000 Total: $8,257,000
7) The Hunger Games LGF $3,000,000 Total: $391,631,000
8) Think Like a Man SGem $2,700,000 Total: $85,888,000 
9) The Lucky One WB $1,765,000 Total: $56,921,000
10) The Pirates! Band of Misfits Sony $1,450,000 Total: $25,362,000

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Sergio, 14 year old boys, no matter how horny they may be, don't go to blow-em-up movies for chicks. They go for the explosions and the speacial effects. A good looking' gal is a secondary consideration at the most. Rhianna's male audience would be a little older than that anyway. Frankly the older teens and twenty-something males who would be drawn to Rhianna are just as likely to be drawn to Brooklyn Decker who plays the love interest. She probably has more screen time but got little publicity. Perhaps that is because, based on footage I've seen, she isn't half-naked as she surely would've been if Michael Bay had directed this movie.


A guess the audience sunk Universal's Battleship.


I agree and disagree Sergio I think TLAM will not reach $100 million but I hope it reaches $90 million. TLAM deserves an international release. helped Meagan Good get her own television show on NBC. TLAM. I think hopefully the studios will realize a quality film can translate into box office success with black audiences. I think TLAM should be released overseas. The myopic thinking of Hollywood needs to change. I believe black movies can be successful but the studio has to put the money behind marketing them.


So Rihanna was supposed to bring more money to the box office? Isn't Liam Neeson the star of the movie?


… Rihanna was not a focus in the American trailers for the months leading up to Battleship (even in their long-form American trailers – see the differences on youtube), more overseas. Please let me know if that is correct or not… I wanted to give you the links, but I'm in a rush.

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