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A Defense of ‘Django Unchained’

A Defense of 'Django Unchained'

No question that Django Unchained is the most controversial film of the year and I LOVE it. Why? Because it IS controverisial.

I’ve long held that it’s good for films to be controversial sometimes. Even if it makes you upset. It’s good for the soul. Lord knows there are films that have definitely made me upset and yet that what’s good about them.

Most films are blah, empty of feelings or emotions. How many times have you seen a film and afterward go: “Yeah it was all right, I guess” Too many times I venture to say. Films should make you feel. Love or hate, disgust or rapture. I love Beasts of the Southern Wild. You feel a renewed spirit of harmony and raptured awe after you see the film.

Django on the other hand is something else altogether. Harmony, I’m sure, will be one emotion that no one will be feeling at the end of that film. Of course it’s not made for everyone. What film is except for recently, maybe, The Avengers and even that film has its vocal naysayers.

No film is made for everyone. You’re free to feel however way you want to feel about it. Django was intended from day one to be extremely controversial and the fact that everyone is talking about it proves it. How do you get people talking about a film a full six months before it even opens in theaters? I haven’t heard anyone talking this much about The Hobbit or Jack Reacher which both also open in Decemeber like Django

With that one commenter at Courtney Thoughts has posted his own criticisms at those leveling criticisms about Django. Even his arguments are controverisal themselves. No doubt many of you will not agree with him and others will, but then that’s the point. You’re STILL talking about the film. And I’m sure we’ll still be talking about until its opening Christmas Day and beyond that as well

You can read his comments HERE

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It is a black and white buddy film with slavesploitation overtones. Just.Not.Interested.


A Black upstart throws his hat into an established industry with high stakes to challenge an established White industry insider with strong connections to Black consumers. The established industry insider responds to this new threat with spin, propaganda, intimidation, and wealth to crush and marginalize the upstart. Finally, the established industry insider, out of desperation, goes too far with supremacist language and racial innuendo. Black consumers, sickened by the negativity, the supremacy, and the racial disrespect turn their backs on the White industry insider. The industry insider loses. Who is the Black upstart? Who is the White industry insider?


What's the controversy? That white Americans once owned black slaves? Everyone with a grade school education knows that. And there are no slave owners or slaves from that time and place who are alive today. I just think it looks like a badass movie!


It's just weird that these are the options…who comes to Hollywood to play a slave??


Tarantino is a 2nd rate director who can only get attention by pushing racial buttons…Nazis, slaves…fail.


Good lord can S&A put a freeze on any more Django Unchained talk for a few months? Just saying.


So, what exactly is controversial? All I see is, "It's controversial".

I read the script, watched the trailer, and I don't see why anyone needs to get their undies in a bunch. I think people complain just to complain, because, "It's America, I have a right to voice my opinion." Alright, cool, good for you. It's a fricken genre blending movie by Tarantino that is probably very violent. Nothing new here.

And I love how that other writer wrote a piece about the movies racial tensions. Well, it does take place in the 1850's South.

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