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A New Low On OWN? (Not really…)

A New Low On OWN? (Not really...)

So in case you havelt heard Oprah on her OWN series Oprah’s Next Chapter this Sunday night on June 17th will interview for two hours the entire inbred Kardashian clan

And already media websites and pundits are saying that this is a “new low” for OWN and a major disappointment. One critic said that she was “sickened by the news” and that this was a bitter blow to her by “a woman whom I used to admire and in whose footsteps I once wanted to follow”.

I mean really, is it all that serious? Perhaps this person doesn’t understand, that all of us know of course, is that the whole game is about RATINGS!

If an interview with Bill Gates got the same kind of ratings that the K clan would then you better believe that Oprah would interview him as well too

It’s no secret that the OWN is struggling for viewers. It’s a mean, cruel world out there and you have to fight for every viewer you can get. And if the K clan can do, it why not? You don’t have to watch it, you know.

And how many shows on Oprah’s old talk show were nothing but rating stunts designed to get people to watch? More than half I would say and I never heard anyone complain about them.

And as for that person who wanted to follow in Oprah’s footsteps, how about walking in your own shoes instead?

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Miles Ellison

Where are the blockbuster ratings for the OWN programming that doesn't involve a family of talentless whores? That's what I thought. More people will watch this than anything else on that network. That's the point. It says a lot about Oprah. It says more about the audience she's trying to attract.


So I guess no one (but me) watches Iyanla's show on OWN. So much criticism but she's got other "high" programming on that network. Are any of you watching them? Obviously not. Oprah isn't doing anything she hasn't done before – it was in poor taste to interview Elizabeth Edwards and then Edwards' mistress. Maybe she will get that OJ interview she claimed she wanted. I won't watch the K Klan but I bet a hell of a lot people will tune in.


It is a new low because Oprah has always claimed to be above tabloid journalism and she says she is a feminist. How can Oprah call herself a feminist yet interview Kim Kardashian? Kardashian is famous for using her sexuality and her body to garner media attention. Kardashian is famous for having sex with Brandy's brother and making a sex tape. It does seem like Oprah is doing everything in her power to save own. But I don't think Oprah can do it alone. She's going to need to change the entire programming of OWN to attract a younger audience.


@ The Black Police & Blutopaz, you both make great points. Celebrities are going to do what they're paid to do. We watch, we laugh, look in amazement and gossip about everything they do. And then, of course, we point fingers. So Ummmm…. yeaaa… what's wrong with Oprah interviewing them? That's what she's paid to do. But I'm with Blutopaz, I wish Oprah would ask the HARD questions. But don't get me wrong, I don't care if Kim slept with my daddy, the Grand Wizard or a million other black man, I would jump in that like it was fresh fallen white snow. I'd get to work flapping my wings as if I was making a snow angle. Shiiiiit, I'd close my eyes and sing the old negro spiritual "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen, Nobody Knows My Sorrow".


Oprah can interview whomever she likes but if she doesn't develop some regular quality programming that MANY, MANY people want to watch on a regular basis…OWN is not going to make it.

And there's nothing wrong with wanting to walk in Oprah's footsteps. She's created a successful business model(sans OWN). You could do a lot worse.

the black police

EVERYONE knows these people are FAMOUS. Everyone SEEMS to hate on them but yet somehow they have highly rated tv shows and a huge following… Ummmm…. Yeaa…. So what's wrong with Oprah interviewing them? And even if she is JUST doing it for ratings, whats wrong with that? Shouldnt ratings be a consideration for a network? Is it wrong to want ratings? That's like saying you guys sunk to a new low when you posted ____ (insert celebrity gossip) article.


Oprah interviewed so many "popular" people on her tv show so why is this any different. I'm not a fan of the Kardashians but they have millions of viewers/followers like it or not.

Haters, continue to do your job.


After that 50 Cent interview and Oprah letting him getting away with naming his dog after her, it's obvious Oprah is desperate and will do anything now for OWN.


What do we NOT already know about these fugly tricks, including their mama? I wish O would go old school ask some Phil Donohue style questions. O: Tell me Kim, did you ever think leaking your own sex tape with a nobody would bring you and your entire harlot family so much fame and fortune? And are you aware that everyone says you have had a million black man march through your bedroom? We want answers now!!!!! (then one of Phil's trademark dramatic pauses)

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