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Actors Against Acting Athletes w/ Gary Oldman (Hump Day Humor… But Not Really)

Actors Against Acting Athletes w/ Gary Oldman (Hump Day Humor... But Not Really)

I'm sure actors will love this; one could also target to video at other groups like… musicians.

Watch and laugh on this glorious hump day:

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Emmett Period

I really wish that a Black Actor and/or Actress would stand up and say this to Rappers and Singers., BowWow, 50cent, David Banner, Common, TI, Luda, Chris Brown, Exhibit…etc.

community theater

Actors shouldnt try to be businessmen, Kevin Costner! Actors shouldnt exercise because they are not athletes. Actors should stop acting like human beings and just be human. One day when another World War breaks out it will be entertaining to see these actors act their way through that. The whole world's a stage so there is no time to take someone serious who acts like people who play a role. We have to share the stage even in our monologues.


That was funny and somewhat true.

Animation Diretor

Although Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Shaq, Gary Oldman is talking about foreign actors like Van Damme, Jackie Chan, and Arnold. Not African-American athletes, who play in films like Jordan in Space Jam and Shaq in Kazam and Steel. Arnold, Stallone, Van Damme have no formal training. They essentially lift weights and work out. Black people may think he's talking about black people because of their own internalized racism for themselves, but how many black athletes play in films. Technically zero, except for Shaq and Jordan, although Space Jam was mostly about Looney Tunes.


I understand the humor, but this complaint is usually directed at black singers. Actors (black and white) complain about the numbers of black singers or comedians that become movie stars. People who aren't "trained" actors. What these people fail to realize is that it is not the fault of the singers (musicians) that they are given these chances. It's hollywood that won't hire traditional black actors. In hollywood, for a black person to get a chance at a movie, they have to ALREADY be a known property. A STAR. A white actor just has to be…white in order to get a chance at a role. Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, the numerous black rappers, all achieved fame in another field. Only then, did hollywood take a chance on them. Same with black athletes. In the video, I felt that the jab at athletes "who don't speak english" is most definitely aimed at blacks. If white actors don't like to act with non-actor blacks in films, then they need to tell their bosses to hire blacks who are trained actors like Viola Davis, et al. Otherwise, STFU.

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