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After Years Of Rumors Of A Feud, Oprah Winfrey Chats w/ 50 Cent This Sunday On OWN

After Years Of Rumors Of A Feud, Oprah Winfrey Chats w/ 50 Cent This Sunday On OWN

This could be worth watching; I wonder what she’s going to ask him… what they’re going to talk about.

Recall 50 Cent had beef with Oprah Winfrey 3 years ago, joining other rappes like Ice Cube and Ludacris is calling Oprah out for her alleged hip-hop bias. I believe this originated even before that when Ice Cube felt dissed by Oprah because he wasn’t invited to her show when his fellow Barbershop actors were; and then Ludacris claimed that the show edited his responses to questions, when he appeared on the show promoting Crash.

50 Cent put his $.02 in, stating publicly that Oprah “caters to older white women… Oprah’s audience is my audience’s parents. So, I could care less about Oprah or her show.

And to add insult to injury, Fiddy named his dog Oprah Winfree (the change in spelling of the last name obviously wasn’t fooling anyone) and even set up a Twitter account for the dog (in the photo above), which became quite popular. Some time later, he was asked why he named his dog after Oprah, by Sherri Shepherd on The View; “I don’t know if you’re trying to say Oprah’s a bitch or you love Oprah,” Sherri said to 50. And he replied, “I thought Oprah didn’t like hip-hop culture. Then I got the dog, and now I love Oprah;” of course, Oprah, the dog.

Oh boy… but apparently they’ve since kissed and made up, because Oprah will sit down with Mr Cent for the first time ever, on the next episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, this Sunday night, only on her fledgling new network, OWN.

Will you be watching?

I hope she asks him about his film business exploits.

On that same episode, Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, will also sit and chat with the O, almost exactly 3 years since he passed.

Here’s a preview:

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@chris….. stereotypical images? The Lady who gave away free chicken coupons is concerned about stereotypes? They lady who financed "Precious" a film that has a poor black family practicing incest and features a scene of the main character stealing chicken…. yea she would never associate herself with stereotypes.

50 cent is a washed up act. His music career is over. He always took great pride in his record sales, however his last 3 albums have been commercial flops. A financially unsuccessful Hip Hop Album is not uncommon. Typically Hip Hop Acts have critically acclaimed albums that don't sell very well. Nas- Illmatic, Mos Def -Black on Both Sides, Common-Be Talib Kweli, etc etc

50's situation is unique because his albums have received poor rating the hip hop community and mainstream critics. The public is tired of his gimmicks, tired of him attacking other artist for no reason, tired of him producing terrible music,and he lost the respect of his peers.

Bad music+ Bad movies+ no respect= Death of an MC


This should be very intresting. Oprah finnaly saw that ma boy Fiddy cent is the real deal, good luck fiddy "break a leg" 1


It sounded like "sour grapes" to me when 50 Cent said he couldn't care less about Oprah or the "The Oprah Winfrey Show" (TOWS) — the most successful and most influential talk show in television history (check the facts). Of course, 50 Cent was lying; he was upset that Oprah wouldn't allow him and other gangster rappers to appear on TOWS because of her disapproval of the violent, misogynist, homophobic lyrics in their "songs".
Oprah was totally right. As arguably the most successful and most famous black celebrity ever, she didn't want to allow her platform to be used to perpetuate negative, stereotypical images of black people as many of these gangster rappers stupidly allow them themselves to be used to do just to get some cash. Some of these rappers are the real "sell out" — willing to degrade their own people to make it "rich".

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