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Antoine Fuqua Is Directing Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Project Apparently…

Antoine Fuqua Is Directing Don Cheadle's Miles Davis Project Apparently...

Things that make you go hmmm…

The Miles Davis movie carousel continues to spin; will we finally get to see one? Who knows!

The one that we’ve talked most about is Don Cheadle’s project. Our last post on that was at the end of May, which included a denial by Cheadle that he was taking his Miles Davis project to Broadway first, before adapting it to film. It had been reported by a number of reputable sites that he was, but Cheadle rejected the suggestion on Twitter a day or so after that news flash.

So now what? Well… thanks to Miles Davis Online for catching this, as you’ll hear in the video below, some new key developments that I haven’t read anywhere else yet. It’s an interview with Miles Davis’ son, Erin Davis, and his nephew Vince Wilburn Jr., both who run the Miles Davis Estate, talking with the Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins about the new Miles Davis postage stamp, and of course Don Cheadle’s movie, as they reveal that they are definitely working directly with Cheadle to make the project happen, and also (most intriguingly) they say that Antoine Fuqua is directing the film!!

This is certainly the first I’m hearing Fuqua’s name connected to Cheadle’s Miles Davis project; it seemed all along that Cheadle would direct it as well. But son and nephew are on tape saying that Fuqua is directing the film.

Let’s see if Cheadle gets on Twitter tomorrow, once this news spreads after I post it, denying that Fuqua is directing the film; don’t be surprised it this video disappears suddenly :)

In the meantime, watch son and nephew in the clip below; the Fuqua reveal comes at the very end of the clip.

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I just hope the writing is up to par.. and I hope it's not some white man's perspective of Miles.. or some focus on his bought with drugs. Miles changed the direction of music 3 separate times in his life.. not his music.. Music period.. and I would hate to see him reduced to a caricature.


Who's gonna play Cecily!!!

Adam Scott Thompson

I like Fuqua's work, but… I'll believe it when it lands in a theater near me. LOL

floyd webb

Hell, that is the best news I have heard in quite a while. Fuqua got some serious chops as far as I am concerned. If there was killing floor for directors like there was for jazz musicians Fuqua would probably be the last man standing in a pool of everybody else's blood.

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