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Aretha Franklin Wants To Be A Reality TV Judge (But No One Is Calling)

Aretha Franklin Wants To Be A Reality TV Judge (But No One Is Calling)

Aretha Franklin is a huge fan of those reailty TV talent shows like American Idol and The X Factor, and would love to be a judge on one of them. Only if someone would ask her.

Currently on tour, The Queen of Soul said in an interview last week that she would “love to be a judge on one of those shows. But I don’t understand why singers like myself, Gladys (Knight), Natalie (Cole) and Patti (LaBelle) can’t be judges.”

“We never get a call. I don’t understand it. I watch those shows all the time. Some of the talent is very good. Some of it is fun. And some of it is really wild” (i.e. They’re horrible, but she’s too polite to say it)

Why indeed? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone like these women with years of experience, performances and music history to be judges? Who else is more qualifed to judge talent?

Of course we all know the reason. Ratings.

Producers think that legendary talents like Aretha or Gladys “skew” old, and the last thing they want are “old” viewers. They would rather get judges who they think would attract younger viewers, such as non-talents like Nicole Scherzinger (I still have NO idea who she is) or washed up has-beens like Brtiney Spears, who’s getting, according to several sources, $15 million for just the first season as a judge on The X Factor. How she conned them into doing that is one of the great mysteries.

Hope Ms. Franklin isn’t spending her spare time sitting by the phone.

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@ TBP–"Just engaging in civil discourse."

Bullocks. You are the main one going from thread to thread attempting to imply Black people are whining about certain issues, even when no one made such statements. Aretha is not crying about anything. She merely stated she just wants to appear on a talent show as a judge, just for fun. If they can hire a no-talent JLo, why not the Queen if that's what she wants? To use your logic, one could say you should start your own blog to address all your misplaced issues with Black people, but it's unnecessary because you can easily post your comments here. Starting a blog is free so what is stopping you, is it too much work for you? Are you one of those lazy Black people who feels entitled to use the resources of others, i see.

kid chaos

Black police go change your tampon sissy.What the queen of soul needs to do is join the cast of The biggest loser.

ellen cruz

Patti Labelle was asked to judge American Idol in the beginning, but she declined so they eventually settled with Paula Abdul. I'm sure they asked a lot of big name stars who ended up delining because 1) the format was relatively new and they didn't know it would become so successful 0r 2) they thought they were too high and mighty for a reality tv gig. I think the producers of these shows would love to have a Barbra, Liza or Aretha join the judging the panel, but what hurts them is that they are in this iconic, untouchable "legend" category, so it's almost best not to mess with them. It's like dealing with fine art, so to speak. In addition, SEVERAL people will view this as a step down for Aretha, and I can already see the " she must be despearte for money" or "why would she downgrade herself?" posts if she does become a judge.


"I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!". Okay, excuse me, but that's my deranged ex-TV anchor's voice. I borrowed it from the movie "Network" (1976) to express my concerns at Sergio & The Black Police. It's been a quiet day but I had to get off my couch to call BLASPHEMY ON THEM CLOWNS. Yeah, I said it, Pigmeat Markum & Red Fox, that's who they impersonating. But like I said, I didn't have any reasons to comment today because there wasn't ( from my viewpoint) anything to talk about.Well, lets see, what has been on the docket? 1.) Rihanna. PASS! 2.) Think Like A Man now on Blu Ray. I DON' T CARE IF RAY-RAY WAS GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE – PASS! 3.) FEDZ, British, and Crime. NOPE-PASS! 4.) Steel Magnolias. STEEL MAGNOLAS? PASS! 5.) BBC Doc: Is Football Racist? WHAT?! SLAP ME AND CALL ME A PUNK. ARE WHITE PEOPLE RACISTS? DUH-PASS! 6.) Sharon Leal. WHO IS SHE? PASS! 7.) NY Screenings and Broadway Musical Sister Act. I LIVE IN IOWA. PASS! 8.) NWA Biopic. I'VE SEEN NOTORIOUS — PASS! 9.) Actress Michonne in action Rom-com. MACARONI OR MICHONNE, BLACK WOMAN WITH LONG SWORD — PASS! 10.) Film Critic Andrew Sarris went to the Cabin In The Sky. I DID READ THAT POST. VERY INSIGHTFUL. I SAVED IT IN MY FAVORITES. 11.) Rudy & Housewives from Atlanta. OKAY, I READ THAT TO. BUT SEEING LITTLE RUDY (Keshia Knight Pulliam) IN HOTLANTA HOUSEWIVES, IS ABOUT AS APPEALING AS SEEING THEO (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) APPEARING IN RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE, SEASON 5. PASS!But I am not alone. Out of the 25 posts today, if the high and low was taken out, there has been about one comment per post. So when I noticed a picture of the Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin, I had to pay attention. Lets do that again… THE QUEEN OF SOUL! At first I thought S&A was running their quarterly post on Halle Berry and Aretha's biopic. Y'all know the one. Arthea wants Halle to play her in her biopic, and then everybody slams on Ms Franklin and Halle Berry. Yeah… yik yak patty wack… blah blah blah blah blah. But then I see The Black Police talkin' smack about her. And Sergio, he kind of laid her out for the slaughter. So both of them get my BLASPHEMY STAMP ( think Scarlet Letter) upside their fat heads. You don't mess with mother nature and you don't talk bad about The Queen of Soul.


Beautiful picture of Aretha Franklin, in glorious black and white.


That pic of Aretha is so pretty. Anyway I can't imagine being judged as a singer by this lady.

the black police

LOLZ! So shes saying that with all her music clout, she cant produce and head judge a singing talent show? Pitiful. Why is she waiting for Simon Cowell to call her. Dont she got money from RESPECT?


Aretha will never/ever be sitting by the phone waiting for calls…But an truly enterprising production team could launch a show with these ladies. It might work…if they got Steven Tyler for AI – why not Aretha! She comes from a time when singers really had to be able to sing!

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