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‘Awkward Black Girl’ Returns – Watch Season 2, Episode 1 Now!

'Awkward Black Girl' Returns - Watch Season 2, Episode 1 Now!

Well, here ya go… all of you who've been suffering from Awkward Black Girl withdrawal. Issa Rae returns… season 2 has officially begun.

And in case you missed the announcement, Awkward Black Girl will now start airing on Pharrell Williams's YouTube channel called i am OTHER.

Watch season 2, episode 1 below:

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This show is being executed well and I feel the first episode is setting us up to better know the characters. Not every episode of any show will knock you off your feet. J and white J don't have chemistry? Naw, I think that is just what awkward love looks like. (I be awkward loving all over my boo- it ain't always pretty!!) Hmmmm, people can over-analyze.


Episode 2! cant wait!


I agree that J and White J have zero chemistry and WhiteJ is not as cute as he was the 1st season. I think his hair needs to be cut meh. Speaking of hair…Fred and Nina?? Chille what? No to both of them. The main cast has gotten better with acting, the newbies need work. I still love the show. We all need to chill out a bit though saying it peaked. Its the 1st episode of the 2nd season, we dont know what they have in store. There were funny parts. Cece is my fave and always makes me laugh. I liked the old boss better and I love Patty's sick ass.


blah… She should stop trying to emphasis the storyline so much and go back to what she was doing before – showing instances of awkwardness while black. The lesbian joke could have been done a lot better. On her use of "nigga," I take it is a faux rap-thugness. She writes cheesy street rap and imitates street rap… just enhances the awkwardness because it is so fake and laughable. Plus she only says it when she's talking in her head or by herself, not when others might hear her. That's probably closer to reality than some black people will admit. Heck, I'll admit to doing that (i.e. saying it in my head but not out loud.) Since the audience is inside her head for the most part it doesn't seem offensive or take anything away from the story for me. If she were speaking in front of her friends or coworkers casually then I'd have a problem.


the song during the credits were the best part of this episode.

and why did it look like everybody (fred, nina) got fat during the break and what's up w/ fred's hair??? i know that ain't a kit!!!

anyway, hopefully next episode is better!! i still like the show!!


abg is back wa-hey! white jay looks as yummy as ever -looking forward to ep 2.

blah, blah

Meh. Looking forward to episode two


I thought it was good episode. Looking forward to the next one.


It was slow moving, but it's the first episode of the new season, so it was fine with me.


I'm a fan all the way, but I think this show peaked at The Date episode. The production quality has steadily improved, but the acting and writing seem to be in decline. And as much as I was rooting for her and White Jay, they don't really have chemistry. Not that she and Fred had chemistry either..or that Fred has chemistry with anyone but Darius…So, yeah. I'm a fan who wants better and knows they're capable.


An OK opening to season 2. Not among the best episodes but neither was episode 1 of the first season. I'm confident that the episodes will get better as we get further into the new storylines.


Kind of a let down… and it sure would be nice if Ms Rae didn't feel compelled to keep the "n" word in circulation.

Adam Scott Thompson

A funny enough start to Season 2. A lot of people want it to be longer but I think it should run shorter and more frequently (next one's a month away, I believe). Anyway, I like this chick and I hope she keeps it up.

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