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‘Batman Begins’ Gets IMAX Re-Release Treatment In Anticipation Of Nolan’s Trilogy Marathon Finale

'Batman Begins' Gets IMAX Re-Release Treatment In Anticipation Of Nolan's Trilogy Marathon Finale

Color yourself not shocked, but be content that the upgrade is not a 3D conversion. Christopher Nolan‘s “Batman Begins” will receive the IMAX treatment on July 19, leading up to the finale of his Batman trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises” which opens the next day on July 20. 

The upgrade is part of The Dark Knight Trilogy package that Warner Bros. has partnered up with AMC Theaters for (tickets went on sale yesterday). The trilogy will screen at 296 AMC locations in the U.S., 76 of them now upgrading to a fully-stocked IMAX experience for all three films. The move isn’t an entirely shocking one. WB put on a similar event for the seven films in the “Harry Potter” series last summer just as the billion-dollar franchise was concluding, only that marathon wasn’t presented in either 3D or IMAX (though the entire series being upgraded to 3D and re-running in theaters one day can’t be that far off).

While not entirely shot in IMAX, “The Dark Knight” was screened in approximately 94 IMAX theaters in North America when it first hit theaters in 2008 and “Batman Begins” is getting a full digital upgrade to work in the 70mm film format. A 3D upgrade for the entire series (to juice those ticket prices) is surely a presentation that suits in WB board meetings would have loved, but Nolan has never made his preference for IMAX a secret. The visually-particular director is well-known for resisting the 3D format — he refused to shoot “The Dark Knight Rises” in the stereoscopic format as it would have been incongruous with the rest of the franchise — and any WB 3D idea probably didn’t even get past the proposal stage. [Variety]

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Maurice Mitchell

What a great idea. I wasn't interested in watching the re-release until now. Too bad it's being shown in "fake" IMAX.

cory everett

Not sure why this is only being reported everyplace as an AMC thing because Regal is doing the same marathon (not sure about IMAX though). I guess they're just not marketing it well.


Yeah it's weird they're only talking about the digital version, especially since Nolan was so insistent on only showing his Rises prologue in IMAX film venues, & I saw Batman Begins 3 times in the same film IMAX theater I saw the Rises prologue in.

Sean Young

BB was up-converted to IMAX during its initial release as well. One of the first DMR movies I ever saw. Actually maybe THE first.

Rob Frenay

Weirdly, it seems that in Los Angeles at least, the triple feature is only being shown at the "fake IMAX" theaters–such a bummer/ripoff.

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