Cary Fukunaga to Direct An Adaptation of Stephen King’s “It”

Cary Fukunaga to Direct An Adaptation of Stephen King's "It"

The trajectory of Cary Fukunaga’s career just took a sharp turn into the Clown-Horror genre. The director of “Sin Nombre” and “Jane Eyre” will be co-writing an adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel “It” with screenwriter Chase Palmer, who previously adapted Frank Herbert’s “Dune” for a new in-development film version of the sci-fi novel at Paramount. In an additional unexpected turn of events, “It” is set to be split into two films.

King’s much-loved tale of a child-eating clown monster and the outcast kids who do terror-filled battle with it was originally released in 1986 and adapted in 1990 as an ABC miniseries. Given Fukunaga’s demonstrated strength as a director, his revival of “It” is an intruiging prospect.

[via THR]

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