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Congrats to Project of the Week “Der Samurai”!

Congrats to Project of the Week "Der Samurai"!

Thanks to your votes, the narrative about a policeman and his alter ego “Der Samurai” won this weekend’s Project of the Week contest!

Congratulations to “Der Samurai” director Till Kleinert. The filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and the film is now officially a candidate for Project of the Month.

Here’s what the project is about:

DER SAMURAI tells a thrilling tale of fear, seduction and loss of control. Young village policeman Jakob finds his small world unhinged and shattered as one night an ominous, nameless stranger in a woman’s dress emerges from the forest and commences a wave of irrational violence on the unsuspecting town. Desperately trying to stop the mysterious offender, Jakob finds his compulsively straight and dutiful self in constant danger of being infected with his opponent’s madness. There is something about the ‘Samurai’ that strikes a hidden chord within him, threatening to unlock his own innermost demons…

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Beverly Gan

well you can cheat I think they did here! you can reset your cookies and there is no way to monitor someone's computer activity when they do that! if you reset your cookies and or shut off your router you can vote as many times as you want and that is definitely unfair!

jon pountney

you all lead miserable lives. There is a real world outside your computer.

jim slade

I don't get all the talk about cheating. I never read "one voice per person". When it's "one voice per computer" than it automatically implies "several votes per person" due to technical constraints. It's the same thing as if they would tell you at the voting booth that you may get another ballot paper somewhere else, if you wanted one. So, stop trolling around, please.


I guess we can all look to this – the mother of all vote frauds!


Jo, why would you be so defensive unless you were worried about being outed as a cheater? Your behavior on this board speaks volumes above any whispered allegations by anonymous posters.


clearly George Bush, the presidential election of 2009 was rigged and EVERYONE knows it!!


guys, get you brains in order. you can still find the results: samurai 374, zombie 351, video 348, wrestler 285. for me that means wrestler didn't cheat but everyone else.


yes, show us proofs! please! I'd like to see it! if you say that everytime they got a vote when another was voted for means that they won by far, like if the others get 20 each, the samurai must have had 60. can you publish that somewhere and post the link please!
and if they have a hacker then indiewire must have been hacked, that would be seriously outrages. who is that guy?!
please post that!


This isn't about someone voting twice from two computers since anyone could do that. While it may be against the rules the contest still remains a level playing field. Der Samurai was running an script that automatically added votes to their total whenever a vote was cast for one of the other films. One of the Samurais clearly has a background in computer programming. He was hacking the poll to ensure no one else would win. I spent hours watching the results of the poll. This irregularity has happened far too many times to be a mere coincidence. If you want proof I can provide you with notes and screen grabs dating back since Saturday morning. I hope the other winners of project of the week know what they're up against.


so the excuse for cheating is that everyone does it? i don't believe that. there have to be honest people out there, and if there aren't any then indiewire should get rid of this feature. either way, the makers of samurai should apologize to the other three filmmakers.


well, everyone loves their work and everyone wants to win and everyone tries everything possible.
if you can vote per computer and not per person then that is what is possible.
can't remember that it says "only ones per person" anywhere.
I really want to see that Videofreaks because I have enough of all that horror bullshit zombie crap. I mean, seriously, again? another one? it didnt make it because more computers voted for samurai. I just think that we all have to accept that you can beat the system. you can't tell me that that Tony didnt double vote. I mean, how does he know? I think he's just frustrated. and pretty quiet now. so, move on and Go Videofreaks!


If you had faith in your project would you really have to resort to such chicanery like ballot stuffing and using plants on a message board? I would expect this type of thing from Hollywood bigwigs, but thought independent filmmakers were a little more chivalrous.


I checked out all the projects. "Der Samurai" is clearly the most ambitious one and I am glad that it gets some regognition here. And about cheating: One can only vote once per computer. But YES, I voted for it from 2 different computers, because i think it's a cool project. If you want to call that cheating, I guess I'll have to live with it. I would call it support – and I'm sure all projects had their supporters.


I guess he/she is right, everyone cheats, he did, the others did but one did harder.
He/she should just be above such thing.


how do you know how you can cheat? let me know because I'm handing in my project, too!!!


I know George Bush in that presidential campaign !!!! I mean come on a second term! !!


Please provide some hard proof before you go around making baseless accusations.


Just goes to show that you can win anything you want as long as you cheat hard enough.

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