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Don’t Ever Cross Alex Cross Says The Official Poster For Tyler Perry’s ‘Alex Cross’

Don't Ever Cross Alex Cross Says The Official Poster For Tyler Perry's 'Alex Cross'

Come on, give us that trailer already! All these teases with photos, and behind-the-scenes featurettes and now an official poster… the trailer is what will really give us the best glimpse of what’s coming, and I’m dying to see it finally :)

As already reported last week, Summit Entertainment has moved the release date for Tyler Perry’s Alex Cross up one week, from the previously announced October 262012 to October 19th instead.

No reasons given, but I’ll take a wild guess and say that Warner Bros decision (revealed last night) to open its star-studded fantasy/sci-fi epic Cloud Atlas on October 26, may have been of some influences. 

Now looking at the film’s new October 19th release date, Alex Cross will be going up against Paramount’s Paranormal Activity 4 (I can’t believe they made another one of those) as its only real competition, which puts it in a better position I think; definitely, when compared to the highly-anticipated Cloud Atlas.

The film, which features a supporting cast of rather solid actors in Cicely TysonGiancarlo EspositoMatthew FoxEd Burns, and others, will be released with a PG13 rating by the MPAA.

Check out the official poster for the film below: 

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Poor Cicely Tyson. First The Help, now this.




Me thinks the studio is hiding something. — Like THE BLACK MAN WHO IS THE TITLE CHARACTER! LMAO!!!!! Can ya make him any smaller and less clear?! Dazzzam! This poster is NOT "dope" or " tight" and it sure ain't "great." It is sad. Most powerful/wealthy black man in movies can't feel secure enough to demand that the studio feel secure enough to put his ass front and center on this. He should be where Matthew Fox is and Fox should be where Tyler's mini me is.




just saw the trailer…. ROLF, HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolute garbage…. seriously, stick to lip gloss homie, action aint your game. Totally not believable for a hot second. Poor decision, poor casting, this will bomb at the box office. generic story to boot, could have put a real Black action star in this film and made it almost watchable. Get this dude some fake boobs and a wig stat :)


I'm thinking no.

Franky Figgs

The trailer is already on IMDB. You people sure are slow.


Looks to me with this poster as if Lionsgate thinks they have a tough sell on their hands. Perry is not shown in full face and his name, though it's first, is not above the title but one of several other actors who appear in the film. As if they're saying 'THIS IS AN ALEX CROSS MOVIE….but with tyler perry…" They're iffy on how the public will react so they're soft shoeing his involvement in it. Like they're hoping people will go see this film and say "Oh I didn't know Tyler Perry was in this" The trailer will be more interesting. How are they going to convince people that he's believable in the part?

Mark & Darla

This is one of favorite genre, serial killer murdering people, upsetting a city, police running behind him before he kill again. The promotion of Tyler Perry as Alex Cross remind me of a mixture Columbo intellect and the Equalizer masculine.


Now this is a great poster. Love it!

the black police

They should have casted Omari Hardick as Alex Cross! Boo!


The poster is tight. Hopefully the film will deliver.

Adam Scott Thompson

The poster is DOPE (in my mind, after I've pasted Idris Elba's head on top of Citizen Coon's). But "Don't Cross Alex Cross?" Really? They couldn't have brainstormed a better tag? Like "Cross The Line" or "Cross Him At Your Own Risk?"

Ta Neil

Looks like Media is taking a baaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkk seat for this one lol! I'm so proud of Tyler Perry. He did his own thing on his own terms. I'm sick and tired of these corny paranormal b.s. films! Blair Witch was a bullcorn film directed towards the bullcorners R us part of culture. I think they doctor their numbers because no one I know even so the first one let alone going to see the 4th.

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