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Fingers Crossed: A ‘Bored To Death’ Movie Might Happen

Fingers Crossed: A 'Bored To Death' Movie Might Happen

While we’re generally fans of the kind of programming HBO tends to support, their decision to cancel “Bored To Death” at the end of last year was heartbreaking. While the show was not a huge hit, over three excellent seasons it developed a cult following and was one of the funniest, wittiest shows on television. And the show didn’t go quietly into the night either — a minor online campaign started up to try and persuade HBO to keep the show going. And it looks like they’ve been listening.

Yesterday, at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Ted Danson dropped the nugget that a 90-minute film was in the works, and Vulture worked their Rolodex and called HBO who confirmed that there have “been some conversations” but “it’s at a very early stage.” The fact that they’re even considering the idea is frankly kind of awesome. If you didn’t see the show, “Bored To Death” starred Jason Schwartzman as Jonathan Ames (modeled on the author and show’s creator of the same name), a struggling writer who moonlights as an amateur private eye to get ideas for stories. Danson played his best friend George Christopher, an educated, pot smoking and usually horny editor of a New York magazine, with Zach Galifianakis as Jonathan’s friend Ray Hueston, a neurotic cartoonist.

“Bored To Death” was wickedly sharp and frequently laugh-out-loud funny, but its very Brooklyn-based/New York-intellecutual humor probably limited its appeal and is perhaps why it never caught on in a major way. But that’s also what made it so great, and it certainly didn’t hurt that the show had some pretty ace cameos and guest appearances throughout (Zoe Kazan, Jim Jarmusch, Kristin Wiig, Patton Oswalt, Isla Fisher, Dick Cavett, Olivia Thirlby, Olympia Dukakis and more).

While the prospect of this happening we’d wager are pretty thin — the show was even less well known in the pop culture sphere than “Arrested Development” — we’ll still keep hope alive that one more outing for “Bored To Death” is in the works. Until then, if you haven’t watch the show, there is no better way to spend a lazy summer weekend that catching up with “Bored To Death” on DVD. We highly recommend it.

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Christopher Bell

I think it might be a possibility. How often does HBO straight up cancel shows? "Luck" aside, both "Carnivale" and "Deadwood" were offered wrap-up movies/specials, but the former turned it down and the latter… well, that's a different story. But anyway, given those previous offers, a "Bored to Death" movie could be a big possibility. TV movie, that is — can't imagine the point of putting this in theaters, it won't make squat.


Saw The Extra Man played by Paul Dano and Kevin Klein, based upon Jonathan Ames' novella or something, which is pretty not bad. Love Bored To Death to death. It was a tragedy and also strange that this fucking quirky awesome show was cancelled. At least millions of tv goers are not up to some chick stuff on the shows. Just say a little prayer for the happening of this news someday in the future.


Great show that got better each season.
Since it was axed I was hoping the real Ames would continue the story with a novel, or even a comic book/graphic novel.


great show, but i doubt it will happen


huge fan of this show, but last seasons was pretty awful

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