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First Full Trailer For Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’ Surfaces!

First Full Trailer For Spike Lee's 'Red Hook Summer' Surfaces!

Wel, here it is folks! The wait is over! The first official trailer for Spike Lee’s much-talked about upcoming next joint, titled, Red Hook Summer.

Synopsis reads:

RED HOOK SUMMER tells the story of Flik Royale (Jules Brown), a sullen young boy from middle-class Atlanta who has come to spend the summer with his deeply religious grandfather, Bishop Enoch Rouse (Clarke Peters), in the housing projects of Red Hook. Having never met before, things quickly get off on the wrong foot as Bishop Enoch relentlessly attempts to convert Flik into a follower of Jesus Christ. Between his grandfather’s constant preaching and the culture shock of inner-city life, Flik’s summer appears to be a total disaster–until he meets Chazz Morningstar (Toni Lysaith), a pretty girl his age, who shows Flik the brighter side of Brooklyn. Through her love and the love of his grandfather, Flik begins to realize that the world is a lot bigger, and perhaps a lot better, than he’d ever imagined.

I saw the film at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, as most of you know, where it stimulated lots of discussion/debate, after its premiere there. I reviewed the film as well.

But given that it’s been *recut* (14 minutes or so shaved off), I’ll wait to see what the new version looks, sounds and feels like, before making any further commentary on the film. So, you can toss out my old review (for now anyway), and after I see the latest cut, I’ll certainly write up a new one (although you can expect that there’ll probably be some comparisons made between both versions).

But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the new Red Hook Summer.

The 121-minute film will be released in theaters (via Variance Films) beginning on August 10, here in the USA.

Watch below:

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It's good to see Spike returning to social commentary. And though I wasn't too crazy about the last Lee–McBride collaboration, I like what I'm seeing in the trailer. It's really sad to see so many of the comments on this page revolve around the Tyler Perry debacle. Spike is an important filmmaker.. and the modern father of black cinema. His films put black people both in front of and behind the camera.. Todays black filmmakers owe a debt of gratitude to Spike Lee. Recognize that. And recognize the role hes playing as cultural historian with his Documentaries. "Three Little Girls".. "When The Levees Broke".. are important films.. not just "Movies". Whether or not you like Spike better than Tyler or Tyler better than Spike is really a moot point. Can't wait to see this film.. and also Mike's play.. and the MJ documentary..



These boards are sad – filled with pathetic crabs enjoying their barrel. It is too bad because the news the website provides is quite good and deserves a better audience.


Shit looks goods to me. I don't get the grumpy. Willing to bet that most, if not all of these flippant, dismissive comments aren't coming from filmmakers with MORE THAN ONE feature under their belts. It's just not likely. Complaints about it being "low-budget"? Some of the best black films of all-time were low-budget. "She's Gotta Have It," "Daughters of the Dust," "Killer of Sheep." Spike going back to his roots…I'm wit' it.


I bet this movie won't make any money like Tyler Perry does. Spike Lee's career is in the toilet he hasn't had a solid movie since Malcolm X twenty years ago!

Mark and Darla

Spike Lee is a crooked little man, who walks the crooked streets of Crooklyn, writing in his crooked pad about crooked stories in Crooklyn. Spike needs to take long vacation from the Crooklyn neighborhood cause his brain is completely fried and crooked.




Watched it and saw a documentary-feel (aka, cheaply made) piece that it is still uniquely Spike. Makes me want to see more. And as for the criticism about the 'this is BK not Atlanta' thing – the synopsis says the kid is from middle class Atlanta so it's probably a reference to a class disparity thing than a southern project kid going to a northern project area thing. And no, a middle class black boy probably wouldn't think twice about walking around with an Ipad in front of gang members if he grew up in a relatively safe neighborhood and has never encountered them before. Out of touch? – eh. It had a bit of an 80s feel to it despite the hint of technology and modernity but that seems intentional to me; the reverse of many northern black folks thoughts of moving down or visiting the South and thinking we're backward and country and all that BS. Guess it doesn't seem logical to see the other side of the coin. Again makes me want to see more to figure out how it all fits. I also have to agree that having been down South and visited the North, you couldn't pay me a million dollars to live up there. It's not heaven down here but the closest thing to hell is NYC.


i finally saw WOLF that Ya'ke Smith feauture. And Tambay was right, it is WAAAAAAAY better than the new spike joint. Ha their trailer is even more masterful than this. I hope it gets seen by everyone! Go see WOLF! Dont like the name "spike lee" fool you into watching a hot mess.

Andre Seewood

After watching this trailer several times, I fear that both Spike Lee and co-screenwriter James McBride may have missed their mark. Although I haven't seen this film yet (and I will see it when it comes out) the trailer itself reveals a couple of circumstantial weaknesses that suggest, to me, that Lee and McBride are a bit out of touch with regards to the changes in contemporary Urban/Black culture. The first weakness is the notion (implicit in the trailer) that the South (Atlanta) is a kind of idyllic place in stark contrast to the threat of violence, gangs, and dangers found within the cities up North. This notion of the South as an idyllic place in contrast to the hellish North (See: Crooklyn), that is held on to by people of Lee and McBride's generation is no longer true (if it ever was). A recent trip I took down South last Summer confirmed for me first hand that the violence, gangs, drug dealing and the problems we generally associate with Urban cities in the North are now firmly established in the South. Although many Southern rappers have been reporting on these changes for years in their music, those of us of Lee and McBride's generation have not been listening and refuse to acknowledge that the South has changed dramatically from the simple place of refuge we were sent to as kids when things got too hot in the North. The second weakness springs from the first, the naive male child character coming from the South to the North for discipline, religious instruction, and street survival tutelage is a throwback character that doesn't ring true because it is rooted in the notion that Southern cities are not experiencing the social, economic and moral changes that cities in the North have been experiencing. This naive child (with access to the internet via his tablet computer) would not be able to hold on to his naivety at all – no matter if he is sequestered in his home or sent up North. Today's children have access to hardcore porn and are recruited by gangs at ages many times earlier than those of Lee and McBride's generation. In short, this type of precious naive Black male child character, even at the young age as depicted in the trailer, is highly implausible; that is to say, not only would such a child know the difference between Bloods and Crips because these gangs exist in the South, he certainly would guard his tablet computer and not record these gang members in their plain sight. In this instance, I completely agree with the commentary from Alan, in that it would," have been more interesting if it was the story of a kid who was a Blood getting sent to live with an uncle who was a reverend." I fear what this film is going to reveal to us is how far out of touch Spike Lee is with what going on in the Black community today, in far contrast to how ahead of his time and intune he was with the Black community when he created DO THE RIGHT THING. I fear, but I hope that I am wrong.


::Looking around the room to see who cut the cheese?:: I truely do not understand why some folks are up in here looking at this clip with a furrowed brow and their mouth poked out as if they're smelling their upper lip? I know-I know, we are not a monolithic group… blah blah, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, so maybe this house is presently filled with a bunch of rookie armchair film critics? That must be what it is because I KNOW we would never be hosts of garden variety haters, so I'm not going there. Seriously, I cannot figure out why some folks harbor so much disdain for this 2 minute clip. Personally, I thought it was quite compelling. I know, maybe we've been spoiled by the actors in Spike's previous films? You know, throughout all of Spike's films, the actors were the cream of the crop. But these actors need a little seasoning, in my opinion. However, I believe I know what's really behind the puzzled stares of the naynay crowd. Spike, as always, goes a little too deep for the less than critical thinking crowd. That's right, in that short clip, Spiked opened the door to at least 10 different avenues of "discussion", which I believe flew right over the cuckoo's nest. I am being serious, what did they expect to see? I mean, were they turned off by the religious theme? Was there not enough T&A or special affects? Maybe they would have been satisfied if there was a black woman kissing on a white man on 125th and Lennox Avenue? You know, they can't get with that Brooklynn thang. I'll tell y'all what, ol' CareyCarey is all in and I don't care if Peter Piper picks paul's purple pecker apart (and Spike's too). Pleasing pickeled peppered purple pecker people, has become practically inpossible.


Alan. Are you from Brooklyn? I am and it AIN'T like Atlanta. And as a person who's worked with youth…,there is no such thing as 'a bad idea'… Nope . It's called curiosity!

Also…I think it's a shame that we dismiss this film, chuck it aside as a dissapointment for Spike instead of seeing it as an opportunity to see such wonderful Black actors shine. This cast is my dream cast.



"I know he's boys with the dude that wrote it, but that creative partnership has got to end. Ol' boy has given him two straight stinkers."

Spike Lee wrote it, according to IMDB. Do you know something IMDB doesn't?

Also, that part where the reverend says BK isn't like Atlanta to seemingly warn him to be more streetwise seems…odd. It's not like Atlanta is a small town. Also, the kid videotaping Bloods with his iPad? Any kid from a city would be smart enough to know that's a terrible idea.

Having a church with "Lil" in its name seems odd as well. Is that some type of Lil Wayne inside joke reference from Spike? LOL.


Visually, it looks great. Also nice to see that Spike is in touch with modern BK (the kid's frohawk, iPad and the unfortunate phenomena of Bloods in BK). Confused about the conflict, other than the father figure/reverend/old school being strict and the kid being technological/new school. Might have been more interesting if it was the story of a kid who was a Blood getting sent to live with an uncle who was a reverend.


Just when you thought spike lee films could not get any worse. Hear comes Red Hook Summer.


And spike wonder why his films flop and Perry makes hits. Nobody is going to pay to see this shit.


i can dig it.


spike and his ego… why did he feel the obligation to show his face in the trailer?


I don't think it looks terrible, but I don't think it looks very good either. I'd love to hear what made Spike want to make a film like this to help give me a better understanding of its style and intent.

James Evans from the Cabrini-Green

Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass ass.


That trailer wasn't bad at all. I recognize the story in it. I wouldn't mind seeing it.

field negro

Better than I anticipated actually..


I purchased "Around the World in a Day" on 1st day of release. I sat in front of my TV to watch the World Premiere of "You Rock My World". I liked "Prometheus". I saw "Sign O' the Times" 6x in Theatres & bought the VHS. I'll be at the movies on Aug. 10th supporting Spike's stab at self distribution praying for an interesting ride. I'm not gonna bet against my heros. He's a risk taking artist and a survivor blazing an interesting new trail in a really difficult marketplace.


This does not look good. I know he's boys with the dude that wrote it, but that creative partnership has got to end. Ol' boy has given him two straight stinkers.


Wow. Now we see why nobody will give spike money. Look at this shit.

blah, blah

Meh but I'm going to go see it because I hold the same blind loyalty to Spike as the TP people do to those god-awful Madea movies. Yeah I said it.


Even the worse films can be pieced into fascinating trailers. So what is the excuse for the two minute mess that I just saw? Damn. Even his trailers are in desperate need of a competent editor.


Wow that looks awful. Should make atleast 1 million at the boxoffice.


Me likes. Although, I was planning to see it despite what the critics said. YA DIG?!

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