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First Official Set Photo From ‘Iron Man 3’ Thrillingly Shows Off The Back Of Robert Downey Jr.’s Head

First Official Set Photo From 'Iron Man 3' Thrillingly Shows Off The Back Of Robert Downey Jr.'s Head

Sometimes we don’t understand movie marketing. After showing off a pretty exciting batch of new footage at the MTV Movie Awards last night, Warner Bros. lawyers have been spending their Monday sending emails and promptly taking it down all over the internet. Sounds counter-intuitive to us. Meanwhile, Marvel formally announced that “Iron Man 3” is kicking off production today and treated fans with an official set photo featuring…..a bunch of junk in the foreground, some Iron Man suits that nerds will be clicking/zooming/obsessing over and most thrillingly of all, the back of Robert Downey Jr.‘s head. Covered by a clapperboard.

You know, there’s being coy and then just being kind of dumb, and Marvel kind of straddle the line here. Unless Tony Stark has been horribly disfigured Joker style, this is all pretty lame. But whatever, fans seem to be enjoying it, as with any morsel Marvel offers. As quick reminder, Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale, William Sadler and Ashley Hamilton join returning stars Don Cheadle and Gwenyth Paltrow in the third installment, and eagle eyes likely know that there have been few set photos already leaked out….

Last week, some snaps of Dale dressed up as Iron Patriot hit the web (via The Superficial). No word yet on that will fit in witih the Extremis storyline, but we’ll find out soon enough. “Iron Man 3” arrives on May 3rd. And it looks like the marketing campaign on this one is going to be long.

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I’m not a comic book reader, but since the Marvel movies started coming out, I wish I had been all of these years. Since I’m not familiar with Iron Patriot, I’ll have to read up on him. I loved seeing Tony Stark in The Avengers played by Robert Downey Jr. I was so inspired by his performance I watched the first two Iron Man movies again. The second movie I caught on Dish Online because a Dish co-worker said it cost the perfect price for my budget right now, free. Since it is free for Dish subscribers, as I am one, I streamed the movie right to my TV, and loved seeing Tony again as a pompous genius.


First, let me say I am actually eagerly awaiting this entry into the franchise even though I didn't like number 2 at all. The main reason is probably the exit of Jon Favereau, who after Iron Man 2 and the even worse Cowboys and Aliens seems to have completely lost it, and the entrance of Shane Black. But more importantly than him directing is that he is writing it too. A film is only as good as its script and as Josh Whedon's Avengers has proven, even when you have the best special effects the writing is still the thing people will remember. And lets not forget Shane Black helmed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which also starred Robert Downey Jr. so it's safe to assume the two already have a good working relationship and if that film is anything to go by, we should get a good performance out of Downey here. The second reason is the additions of the great Guy Pearce playing the villain and the lovely Rebecca Hall taking on some female part as well as the introduction of Mandarin. And since I'm talking about actual characters from the comics right now, someone mentioned since the Spider-Man series belongs to another film company the Iron Patriot (as pictured above) won't be Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin.


the photograph thrillingly shows?

your writing, as always, is cut like a gem

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