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Friday Nonsense – Paramount’s 100th Anniversary Photo (How Many Can You Name)?

Friday Nonsense - Paramount's 100th Anniversary Photo (How Many Can You Name)?

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, Paramount has issued this photo with 116 actors, actresses, directors, producers and execs (who are still alive) who have figured, at some time, in the studio’s history.

It’s a throwback, trying to recreate those official studio publicity photographs MGM would release annually back in the 1940s, during it’s golden years, with all the stars the studio had under contact at the time, living up to its motto that “MGM had more stars than there were in heaven.

Back then of course, Lena Horne was the only black star MGM had under contract, so, with this new Paramount photo, the first thing I did was to count how many black people I could find.

It’s sort of like Where’s Waldo?

O.K There’s Eddie of course; there’s Chris Rock; there’s Paula Patton, and there’s John Singleton… OOPS, my mistake, that’s Tyrese (Tyrese?? How’d he get in there?). No doubt there are others in there somewhere.

Why don’t you play along. Go to this webste HERE to download a much larger jpeg of the above photo and play along. It also provides the names of the people, but do it yourself. No cheating.

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Adam Scott Thompson

Bieber ruins it. LOL


The Black Police, Sergio does this all the time; he'll write some pseudo-incendiary (i.e., incendiary to a 3rd grader) article ("Where All The Black People At!?!?" or "Prometheus? More like Promethe-ASS!"), then scroll down the comments to see if anyone disagrees with him, then will offer a pseudo-witty retort (i.e., not witty at all) to said person or persons. This has been pretty much par for the course since Shadow and Act came to Indiewire. I guess the days of Woodward and Bernstein are long gone. Newsflash: There are more Jews in Hollywood than Blacks. Film at 11.


The men were easy… the women, not so much…

the black police

Hey Sergio, the photo you put up sucks big time.

the black police

Why are people looking for black people in this photo? Does your self-esteem or self-worth rest on whether there are "enough" black faces represented in this photo? DO YOU ALWAYS FORGET THAT YOU LIVE IN A WHITE-MAJORITY COUNTRY??? Like what the heck. Is that what one should always be thinking? "Where are the black folks?" Do you watch movies with white actors in it at all? Or do you only care for black actors on screen? I dont get it. In any case, here is a way better picture, with names:


Dang it! Now I gotta spend my break counting how many Paramount films Tyrese has been in. All I think of off top is Transformers. Maybe that's up if you know you need some more color in the shot.

I saw Morgan Freeman too.

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