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Gary Oldman & Amber Heard Exit Albert Hughes’ ‘Motor City’

Gary Oldman & Amber Heard Exit Albert Hughes' 'Motor City'

Albert Hughes just can’t catch a break with casting for his latest effort, “Motor City.” After a lengthy search for a male lead that saw names like Chris Evans, Dominic Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeremy Renner all linked before Gerard Butler jumped on board, the project has now hit another wall, losing its villain and female lead.

Variety report that Gary Oldman and Amber Heard have now both departed the Dark Castle project for reasons unknown, though we imagine the delayed schedule may be to blame (lensing was originally slated to begin in the spring). This summer, Heard is set to shoot Robert Rodriguez‘s “Machete Kills” while Oldman has Robert Luketic‘s “Paranoia” on deck (and likely press rounds for “The Dark Knight Rises“).

It’s yet another setback but it’s definitely still moving forward for Hughes with Variety noting that Dark Castle are “currently working” on it. Scripted by Chad St. John, the 2009 Black List script follows a small time crook who is framed and sent to jail, then seeks revenge on those who put him there. Most notable, though, is that the protagonist played by Butler apparently only has one line of dialogue throughout the whole film.

Interestingly, the film will mark Hughes’ first solo effort behind the camera, in the past having teamed with twin brother Allen on films such as “The Book Of Eli” and “From Hell,” as well their memorable debut feature “Menace II Society.” Allen is also cooking up his own solo effort, the similarly titled “Broken City,” which (as far as we know) has had an easier ride with casting. The film will star Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kyle Chandler, Barry Pepper and Jeffrey Wright for the “Chinatown“-esque tale of a private investigator hired for simple infidelity case who goes onto uncovers shady real estate deals and city corruption.

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This could be a splendid film.Gerry is brilliant in this kind of role and since MGP and Coriolanus his acting has taken on a sharper aspect. He really is up there with the top actors. Let him loose and I and thousands of his fans will be there. Bring it on we need a good Gerry film everything else is boring.
Joan (hug) xxxx


I don't have any problem with Jake Gyllenhaal.He is a very good actor.Or you think he can only play a gay cowboy??I believe he has some reasons to drop this film.This film doesn't look promising at all.


Gerard Butler is a pretty dope actor and can definitely carry this bad boy, Gyllenhall really?!?! get your head out of your ass, Mr Anonymous must be Gyllenhall's agent

ed torian

honestly has there ever been a more doomed casting process than this

Mr Anonymous

Jesus! What the hell is going on with this film?! I LOVE the premise. Someone please make this movie with some killer actors and (fingers crossed!) a killer script!

My only disappointment is that they have Butler in the lead role who simply is a rubbish actor when they could have had Gyllenhaal, Renner, Evans, etc.

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