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Hugh Laurie Goes From Playing A Soulless Doctor On ‘House’ To A Soulless Bad Guy/CEO In ‘RoboCop’

Hugh Laurie Goes From Playing A Soulless Doctor On 'House' To A Soulless Bad Guy/CEO In 'RoboCop'

Fun facts about Hugh Laurie that you probably already knew: The guy who is the insufferable and kinda dickish Dr. Gregory House—on “House“—is actually British. He’s also a pretty accomplished musician who can play piano, guitar, drums, harmonica, and saxophone. What do either of those things have to do with “RoboCop“? Well, not much actually but it’s interesting to know, right?

Well, after 8 seasons on the hit medical drama, Laurie is getting ready to graduate to the big time, bagging the role of the villain in the upcoming “RoboCop” remake starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Abbie Cornish. Not bad company to be around right? Well, specifics of the plot are under wraps for now, but House Laurie will take his skill of playing cold and detached to embody the role of the CEO of Omni Corp., who creates RoboCop for his own gain. This is pretty hand-in-glove stuff for Laurie, and playing a bad guy probably won’t be much of a stretch, but it will definitely be his biggest movie role to date, and a good opportunity to stretch his wings.

And speaking of movie roles, what’s going on with “The Oranges“? That’s the indie comedy he did that premiered at TIFF last year, which co-stars Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Allison Janney, Alia Shawkat, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, and was picked up by ATO Pictures but hasn’t been heard from since. We really enjoyed it so we hope it hasn’t fallen off the map and will get some kind of decent release. Anyway, “RoboCop” shoots this summer with Jose Padilha directing and it will arrest you in theaters on August 9, 2013. [Variety]

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What House were you watching? The House I watched was not soulless, quite the contrary for all his pain, manipulations, misanthropy, and Sherlock Holmesian philosopy on things House did care. House didn't have a heart of gold, but he wasn't soulless. I'm looking forward to Mister Pip.


Oh yeah, "The Oranges" that was a nice little script. I'd like to see it.


In a Dutch magazine Matthias Schoenaerts said, he was also asked for a part, but he didn't want to do a big studio picture right now. He did like the director José de Padilha and said the budget was $150 million (!). It looks like every studio picture has an unbelievable high budget…

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