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In Search Of Ratings – Oprah To Interview Rihanna

In Search Of Ratings - Oprah To Interview Rihanna

In her continuing search for ratings for her OWN cable channel, Oprah Winfrey has confirmed, (via her Twitter account) that she will be interviewing Rihanna in August for an upcoming episode of her show Oprah’s Next Chapter.

However, considering her recent two-part interview with the Kardashsians wasn’t the big audience grabber that it was hoped to be, there’s no reason to really believe that her Rihanna interview will do any better.

Which brings up the question: why can’t OWN get any traction with viewers? Possibly because the network has no personality. Just calling it the Oprah Winfrey Network and expecting people to show up simply because of that isn’t enough. 

Besides, the other big problem it’s got is that it’s rather late in the game. If the goal of OWN is to attract mainly women viewers, then there are penty of cable networks that already do that, like Lifetime, Oxygen and even VH-1 to a certain extent.

Compared to those networks, OWN is a distant also-ran. It has to be unique, to find that special niche that isn’t being served, giving them something that they can’t get anyhwere else.

What that is, they will have to figure out on their own and quickly too.

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why rhianna on with talking about chris all over again, I mean she already milked this story to the max, and why is she crying, she already went back with him numerous times, so I dont understand what her problem is, he has a girlfriend, and rhianna needs to stop her whining and complaining.

James Evans from the Cabrini-Green

A "special niche" that Oprah *could* tap into with specific programming would be the Very under-served crowd not necessarily entertained by Tyler Perry. But that's not going to happen, is it.


For anyone who actually watches the network on the regular, OWN's Sunday programming, which is when her Next Chapter normally airs, is often awe-inspiring television. The network has gotten high marks from critics for much of its programming and it is definitely growing in viewership. This is still a very young network, so it simply takes time to grow a loyal, consistent audience base. The main problem is really that the launch of OWN was so huge, from a hype and financial investment standpoint, that it was really set up for failure. However, from the standpoint of quality, the network is winning, and has a recent Emmy win to prove it. Hopefully, the Discovery executives will remain patient and give it time to prosper.

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