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In the Works: Duplass Bros. to Remake 1978’s ‘Same Time, Next Year’ with Universal, Rudin Set to Produce

In the Works: Duplass Bros. to Remake 1978's 'Same Time, Next Year' with Universal, Rudin Set to Produce

The ever-busy Duplass brothers have signed with Universal to remake the 1978 film “Same Time, Next Year,” with Scott Rudin set to produce along with original producer, nonagenarian Walter Mirisch.

While “Jeff Who Lives at Home” was distributed via Paramount Vantage, and “Cyrus” with Fox Searchlight, “Same Time, Next Year” will mark the first full-on studio outing for the indie-hailing Duplasses (major studio, plus remake). With any luck, “Same Time” will retain some of the genuine talent displayed in the first Duplass feature, “The Puffy Chair,” and lose the Miranda July-lite arbitrary quirkiness of “Jeff Who Lives at Home.” What they are really good at is getting the best out of actors in intimate settings, and that’s what this movie is about. (It’s also what movies are doing too little of these days, writes the NYT.)

1978’s “Same Time, Next Year” was directed by Robert Mulligan, and stars Allen Alda and Ellen Burstyn as an accountant and married housewife who have a one-night stand, and then agree to meet once a year in an attempt to maintain the relationship.

The Duplasses have their fingers in many indie pies (see “Safety Not Guaranteed,“Your Sister’s Sister” and “Black Rock”), and it makes perfect sense that talent-bloodhound Rudin would glom onto them. They say they plan to balance big-studio and indie ventures such as the upcoming Searchlight pick-up “The Do-Deca-Pentathlon.” (See TOH’s interview here.)

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Mary Caudle

In the remake of Same Time Next Year I would love to see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the lead.

Florence LeClair

Go for it guys!!! The story is strong- it requires minimal expense for scenery because of its stage- like setting. Also with the movie fan base creating a surge of 1970's era remakes this one should be a big money maker! I personally would absolutely love to see two current talented actors take a script reworked with the same witty and creative dialogue set in the 70's to now -incorporating all of the things we've experienced and the cliche fashion changes we've seen through the decades ! I truly feel that it would also touch an international audience because if its story about how two people strive so maintain a connection with the love of their lives while keeping the status quo of marriage. I understand the politics if negotiotiations so I'll just wish you Best if luck!

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