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Jennifer Hudson Joins Cast Of ‘Smash’ + Gets Her Own Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Jennifer Hudson Joins Cast Of 'Smash' + Gets Her Own Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Jennifer Hudson has joined the cast of NBC’s musical drama Smash in a multi-episode arc for next season.

J-Hud will play Veronica Moore, a Tony Award-winning Broadway star whose presence directly influences the lives of Karen (Katharine McPhee) and Ivy (Megan Hilty).

Her character will represent someone who reached their Broadway dream but also paid a price for it,” said NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt.

Hudson’s post-Oscar career trajectory, somewhat like Jamie Foxx’s after he won his Oscar, has been a hotchpotch of work in TV, film, and music, although nothing that’s been particularly memorable.

This year, she appeared in the poorly-received The Three Stooges, and we’re still waiting for her Winnie Mandela biopic.

No matter though, because J-Hud has been revealed as one of 24 Hollywood celebs who’ll be getting their own stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013. J-Hud joins the likes of Helen Mirren and James Franco, who were also in the new group of 24, who were announced at a press conference on Hollywood Boulevard’s star-lined sidewalk earlier today.

And here’s a little trivia for ya, in case you didn’t already know… celebrities selected to receive stars have to pay $30,000 in costs and fees, if they accept. The money goes to fund the Walk of Fame’s upkeep and maintenance, so that taxpayers don’t have to carry the burden.

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A star on the walk fame already??? Smdh.


Makes you wonder sometimes doesnt it?

Steven Flores

Let's not forget that her husband can't wrestle for shit. I mean for heaven's sake. He botched a pinfall. How can anyone in the world of professional wrestling… sorry… sports entertainment can do that?


I think this is really sad to be honest Jennifer Hudson is an Academy Award winning actress. Where are the movie roles for Jennifer? Who is Jennifer's agent because that person is NOT helping her career! The best thing Jennifer has done was star in some weight watcher commercials which I am sure pay well but still. I really hope Jennifer can get some good film roles because she's only thirty years old she's got time to succeed in Hollywood.

the black police

I like her. But is this what Black Hollywwod is supposed to be? She hasnt had any SOLID roles since Dreamgirls. I need to catch up on Smash. Hope she does well on there. And as for the star… 30,000 dollars? LOL! What a mess….


The word is hodgepodge, not hotchpotch.

Mark & Darla

Congrad on your star and working with one of the best "Steven Speilberg"


Had friends who worked with her The Secret Life Of Bees and said flat out, she works very hard and is so giving to people all the way down to the guy getting water bottles to the set. She just needs one good role and some real good supporting roles and she will cement her career.


Good look, good move. Remind people why they love you: singing the hell out of other people's songs. Hope they don't waste her.

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