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Listen: New Samples From Hans Zimmer’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Score; Is There A New Trailer On The Way?

Listen: New Samples From Hans Zimmer's 'The Dark Knight Rises' Score; Is There A New Trailer On The Way?

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the summer hasn’t had the one requisite film that wholly delivers on spectacle arrive yet, but anticipation for director Christoper Nolan’s third and final installment in his “The Dark Knight” franchise seems to be continuously mounting – and the film’s studio, Warner Bros., seems to enjoy fanning the flames.

New sample tracks of Hans Zimmer score for the film are now making their rounds on the web, showcasing the same sort of dark melodies mixed with electronic flourishes that made the soundtrack for “The Dark Knight” such a thrill (if you missed the first batch, they’re right here). This is the first score that Zimmer has provided for a Christopher Nolan Batman film that wasn’t in collaboration with noted composer James Newton Howard, but it still sounds as if Zimmer is capable of delivering the goods (as if that’s a surprise). With titles like “The Fire Rises,” “Fear Will Find You,” and “Why Do We Fall?,” the score sounds borderline anthemic at points, proving that this final chapter should be a suitably epic one.

Finally, it looks as if another preview for “The Dark Knight Rises” could be swinging into cinemas, as a fourth trailer for the finale was just given a rating by the film board in Alberta, Canada. We thought they’d call it a day with three, but with the trailers set to outnumber how many Batman films Christopher Nolan has actually made, this could be considered going a bit overboard. No word yet on where it might unspool, but regardless, “The Dark Knight Rises” arrives in theaters July 20th. But we’re sure you already knew that. [Batman-News/ComingSoon]

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Yeah heard these a couple weeks ago; before buying . It's got a more grandiose sound than TDK, with most of the same themes and movements. The RISE chants though – in fact, nothing from these samples – says WTF and Here We Go! like the Joker's dissonant theme. I'll still buy it though.

Mr Anonymous

I think this new trailer being referred to is the Nokia exclusive for TDKR. It premiered online last week. Don't know if it will be shown in cinemas but the poster below said it may be shown in front of Spiderman only, therefore it will be a brand new trailer in the cinemas.

In the UK however the only TDKR trailer we're constantly being shown is the 2nd one with the chanting which i really dislike. I mean it does its job, but i much prefer the official 3rd one which is fantastic! I really wish that was being shown instead.


Don't watch them


They are only releasing the Nokia trailer in theaters with Spider-Man.


Anyone else a little burnt out over TDKR? I'm still going to see it opening weekend and I'll probably like it but it's been such an overwhelming blitz that I'm getting tired of seeing a new trailer ever three days. I just want to movie to come out and for pop-culture to move on to the many fantastic-looking movies that are coming out later this year (though if TDK and Inception is any indication that won't happen for a good six months).

tristan eldritch

No more trailers, please! Is it just me, or this the year of excessive marketing that makes you feel like you've already seen the damn movie before it even gets released? The only part of Spiderman we haven't seen are the credits.

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