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Louis C.K., Andrew Dice Clay & Peter Sarsgaard Join Woody Allen’s Next Film

Louis C.K., Andrew Dice Clay & Peter Sarsgaard Join Woody Allen's Next Film

Well, casting has wrapped up on Woody Allen‘s next film and one pleasant surprise, one curveball and one solid actor have all come aboard the picture.

Louis C.K., Andrew Dice Clay and Peter Sarsgaard have rounded out the cast on the movie joining the ensemble that includes Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Emerson and Sally Hawkins. For Louis C.K., this must be hugely exciting, getting a chance to work with someone who is clearly a major influence and important person to his comic work (you might recall that the “Louisseason 3 teaser directly riffed on “Manhattan“). As for the Diceman…WTF. This is a left field curveball from a director who doesn’t really do stunt casting, so we’re definitely curious how he’ll fit into the movie. His comic sensibilities and Allen’s seem miles apart. Let’s just hope his “Entourage” arc doesn’t come near how he is in real life. Finally, what is there to say about Sarsgaard? He’s always solid but hopefully we’ll get see some rare comedic chops from him as well.

Lensing will take place this summer in New York City and San Francisco and we’d love to be a fly on the wall of catering table convos between Louis C.K., Andrew Dice Clay and Woody Allen…. [Deadline]

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Myron the moron

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Sounds fucking awesome.


For once allow me to write like any other internet geek : Louis C. K. ? That's just awesome !! In all seriousness, it makes SO much sense. Now the question actually is : will it be as awesome as Louie episodes like 'Duckling' or 'Bully' ?


What happened to Bradley Cooper. Did Saarsgard replace him


kind of awesome.

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